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his ugg slippers hair of black jade

Posted Nov 14 2012 9:33am
people's elevator inside, the Jie Ni suddenly stares at her, the look in the eyes is formally:"He is similar to me.""H'm?"The Yin summer Mo is again stunned speechless."The Mo that always

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don't forget a summer learns elder sister, the Luo Xi is similar to me, and he has been liking you in the heart bottom and so so and deeply like you."The smiling face of Jie Ni is pure firm, " so I want to guard Luo Xi with you, only he is to go together with the Mo learned the elder sister's person last summer."The Yin summer Mo is just a little dejected.Then she smiled to smile, didn't talk.Spacious living room, the bracket lamp is secludedly bright, the French window half opens, the beautiful window yarn is lightly blown by the night breeze to float in the sky, and there is a kind of aroma of rays of star sort in the air.The fine wool carpet of solid white there is a champagne on the tea side-table, two crystal wine cups, and a very small fruits cake, calm down like oil painting Mi.Purple sofa inside.Luo Xi but fell asleep quietly, his Zhen wear own arm, the rim of eye slightly shows weariness, the skin is still beautiful like thin porcelain, imitate Buddha nursery tale inside of sleep a prince, breathe even, let people cant not bear to heart noisy come to him."He is tired to be getting worse for these several days."The Jie Ni whispers sort ground to say to the Yin summer Mo."Have a movie war ensign will soon start shooting, create an ordinary members nearly ten hundred million, prepare to take part in contending for of Oscar, film producer and director invite Luo Xi to take to star.He wants to participate in various ex- activity of expecting to prepare and attends various condition, the favour is tired to usually connect to have a meal of time also have no.There is also the program that innumerable interview, each television station invites him to ascend in addition.But, he lets I with Joe and arranges all works as mmwwiildjk far as possible by 9:00 p.m.."The Yin summer Mo hopes Luo Xi.No wonder that she felt to don't understand before, the work of Luo Xi was thus heavy, why can also usually see him in the evening.But his sleep to permit weary get like will keep on sleeping forever, can't wake up any further."I walked and what is up beat my cellular phone."Jie Ni light hand the light feet are from the bedroom in embrace one square thin Tan, hand over inside in the Mo hand in summer, ugg slippers lightly smile to her, " Luo Xi also handed over to you."The front door lightly closes.Inside in living room leaves  mens shoes  Luo Xi and the Yin summer Mo 2 people.The Yin summer Mo has never fought to come to Luo Xi and just covers thin Tan light and softly on him.Lower the head, hope he serenely sleeps to permit, her heart bottom imitates a Buddha to gradually have a soft idea tactfully.The finger quietnessly once kisses his  ugg slippers  hair of black jade, she the lips Cape have already put on a gentleness, the noodles permits up consistent cool also silently have no an interest ground to uggs outlet melt such as ice snow sort.Stare at him very long.She is just gradual to turn view to open, depend to sit the white carpet before sofa up, wanted to think, she took out the manuscript ofpure love song and started seeing the 12th.15Have no the star have no lunar of dead hour.The night breeze blows Yang window yarn.Hope the stage dialogue dialogue on the manuscript, Yin summer Mo facial expression again dreary, the finger feebly tightens and slowly directs the roaring cry of the thunderbolt sort fury and the irony and mockery of the others,such as nightmare, to again return in her ear "The somebody else is a singer New appointee king, only have voice, there is no facial expression.""You are a wood person?!""You are an actor!You aren't a corpse!""The Yin summer Mo!Your eyes inside can take some feelings!He is the man whom you liked for more than 10 years since the childhood!Feelings is strong, suppress heart bottom, love him till and die but can not speak!Understand!""She is mens shoes how came ""I play all much stronger than her ""You are a with intention to want to  ugg style ugg style boots boots  harm to die me today, to?!"She makes an effort to shake head and thinks that the voice that are terrible those flicks hard.She can of, she can attain, this in this world doesn't have the affair to can not attain, she isn't stupid, and she is also willing to bear suffering.So, she can play well, as long as give her a little times again, let her diligently comprehend.But-She heart bottom but have another voice is icy coldly saying, why do they want to give her time, simply change her, use other acting skill outstanding need not to from the beginning start to learn of isn't the entertainer better?If she continues to clumsily descend to go to direct fierce personality, probably true of will change a person.The finger holds ache deeply, the Yin summer Mo is silent to appear lost in thought.At this time, she hears Luo Xi the Nan voice breathe heavily low in the sleeping, immediately after his body beginning uneasily shivers.She turns round to hope to go, sees his sum Cape contain close sweat bead
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