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have to go to far away the edge of elementary school go to school

Posted Jan 07 2013 3:46am
LiuDongXu said: "before I go, tell people upstairs, let him into the house when the fruit is said he bought, so just have sincerity!"

Some civil disputes, and ultimately entanglements in the interests of a small, generally speaking, I will
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than money, also want to contribute to mediation, as is to dwindle, consequence.

Does not have the service

Sentiment for the people is, the people are disappointed, to the masses of what people think, urgent urgent. LiuDongXu time tight the services this string.

Community residents of a name is liu fang (a pseudonym), three generations of family living together. Children go to school, old mother in bed for a long time, husband

and wife two people do not work, the husband body is bad, life is very difficult. In the process of community visit, LiuDongXu see her situation, active and she became

supporting children, find community and offices, after many coordination help her improve the low treatment, and for her find the LianFangYuan public security work. She

moved to say: "LiuDongXu is really a great guy, all these years has been so sincerely to help us, but call me how to repay him!"

LiuDongXu also very pay attention to in the service of people ShiZuZhe the transformation of work. ZhaoZhen (a pseudonym) for acquisition of stolen goods were sentenced

to a year imprisonment, probation for a year. During the supervision to him, in addition to the strict requirements by the regulation, LiuDongXu has often come home to

talk to him, to his propaganda legal
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he said: "I was sentenced to a punishment, xiao liu is not only didn't abandon me, still take when people look at me. If I don't learn, how to get xiao liu this heart?"

LiuDongXu try our best to assist to permanent residents, not only for temporary residents also enthusiastic help. In his responsible in a village, there was a dozen

children to school once became a difficult problem.

LiuDongXu said to reporters: "in the process of the visit, we found that because of the village have not finished building, house property card, do not come down, and

account also don't get into the city, where the elementary school in principle only take registered permanent residence in the community of students, so these children

can't in the school, have to go to far away the edge of elementary school go to school. The children go to school is important, so, I'll contact the developers and

community leaders find double counter district education commission and the school, the school an accepted this more than ten students."

Parents would tell people: "now the police for common people in real does the practical work!" Parents to discuss the chipped in to buy LiuDongXu gift, LiuDongXu know

after, immediately to a "brake", he

nike air max uk shoes for sale    declined: "I do something for you and not for any good, as long as the children can have a place of study, you will be able to

secure life, is my biggest of satisfy."
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