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Happy Holidays to everyone from Alzheimers Support!

Posted Dec 12 2012 2:02pm
12/12/2012 By Leave a Comment

wreathFirst–I must apologize for the lack of contact between us over the past year.

I also offer my deep appreciation for all the Guests Posts I’ve received to keep our news and updates current here at Alzheimer’s Support. Many thanks! Sandy

Since my Mom’s passing four years ago, I was diagnosed with COPD and am in my own battle with health and illness. So far hubby has been an excellent caregiver.

I’m getting the unwanted opportunity to see ill-health from the other side of the bed. Hubby’s point of view as well as my own. Occasionally, I’m every bit as disgruntled with hubby’s care-giving as my mother was with my care-giving. I guess you have to really be a “patient” to put yourself in their shoes.

I must admit, more often than not I’m a downright ornery patient. I don’t like the food he serves or the orders he gives or the things he demands; like walking my treadmill daily as doctor ordered or tethering myself to that tangling tube when my oxygen saturation drops too low. I don’t like it.
Now, I can understand why Mom was so rebellious when I was the demanding shrew taking care of her. “No, you can not drive, you can not go home, we are not gonna watch that movie for the 15th time.

I have full knowledge and understanding that hubby is looking after my best interest. Mom had no such knowledge about me and often forgot that I was her daughter at all. Now that had to be frightening!

It seems hard to believe that mom has been gone 4 years. And now more than ever, I miss her and respect her for the love and kindness she showed during those last difficult years. She was a “class act!” I think of her every day and the holidays bring her memory alive even more.

I hope all of you who are care-givers or struggling with your own health issues have a super Holiday Season with lots of love from good friends and family.
Take Care,

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