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hair to wholesale shamballa

Posted Nov 06 2012 7:25am
Two people walked for a long time, the cold cellular phone rang!"Feed, you where ah, come to Valentine's Day guest house, we are here!"Spread the voice of sun in telephone:"Guest house?You open guest house to do what ah?"It's shocked to is cold to have a little"You think where go to?We are just tired by walking, just- opened, didn't this make a phone call to let you to also come over a rest bottom together?You think brothers I is what shamballa jewels person ah?""Ha ha, our a short while comes over!"After a short moment, it is cold to arrive at sun to open a hungry room front of door with the guest house that the Yan arrives at Valentine's Day, didn't knock on door, but attached an ear up to steal to sound, the Yan looking at cold action and lightly smile of get up, equally attach an ear up, cold looking at near face in very short distance Yan, basically can't hear any voice in the room, stagnant get up!The Yan feels to coldly eye and lift vision, 2 people's four eyes are opposite, this a moment, 2 people's hearts all took out for a while!Dong Dong Dong, cold knocked to ring door, the very quick sun opened a door, don't talk at all, the anti- body sits bed once up picked up poker, cold and the Yan smiled towards seeing an eye!"You all what stuff ah, play a so immature game!"Is cold to really can not stand of looking at sun and month, they are unexpectedly playing'the kitty go fishing', this lets cold really have no language with Yan;The Yan sits to nearby turning on of the month the television looked!Is boring cold to pour at this time at another bed up squinted Jing to sleep!Is cold to think in the brain, a short while will return to, perhaps hereafter all there is no opportunity being seeing her, ah, probably let's really don't decree by destiny!Was suddenly cold to sit to get up, started to pull the hand of sun to come out the door of the room!"A short while thinks a way to stay they, brothers later happiness depended you!"Is cold to anxiously looking at sun"What?How to stay?Are you saying to leave stem?Can't you think?"The lookinging at of sun oddness is cold"You think what?I just think to get along with with Yan more for a while, didn't think and then gave up so and seldom dhji7465 met the person whom oneself likes and had already given up so too sorry oneself""So ah!That how should leave them, not we procrastinate time, at lead for an hour should had no car to return to, you say your motorcycle light is getting worse, return not to go!Should be able to leave so they!"The sun takes out a cellular phone to see the above time"Ha ha, this way is quite good!Come to a decision so!"Is a little bit cold to nod to turn round into room, see two pairs of strange look in the eyeses seeing toward oneself!"What does your company measure?What is the matter so happy?"The lookinging at of month oddness is cold"Nothing important nothing important!We 4 to play poker!"Is cold the Han grasping oneself's hair to wholesale shamballa say with smile:"Still beat ah, very late, go home!"On hearing this words, cold a burst of flurried, quickly return to"not and urgently not hasty, why the hurry ah, is playing a short while!Greatly not get up to late order tomorrow morning!"Under the cold sob, it is public to pick up poker, however only have at this time cold with the secret that sun knows in the horary passage, slowly succeed!In public person's letting go of poker to see all has already been getting more at 11:00!"See, all forgot time, this next how do?Is cold, you ride a motorcycle to send us to return to!"The month looking at a cellular phone"My car has no light, doesn't your daring to sit me still dare to open!Being straight-tempered don't return to!Continue to play poker, tired evening you are a bed, I and sun a bed!"Tremble with fear in steal to smile"Anyway I am to don't want to return to, so late, the outside is still so cold!I treated here, month, come over to sit here!"The sun lies on the bed, very of the ocean overflow and looking at a month to point a bedside;The month tooks a look sun and unexpectedly and really walked to sit down in the past!Was cold to looking at a month to sit down, the heart lifting finally kept on putting and silently and deeply absorbed tone!Also sit to in another bed, carried to have cup to drink several bottoms;"Do not stand ah, also come over to sit, watch a television!"Is cold to looking at YanThe Yan hesitated a short while, finally sat down and saw have a television!Like this quiet of led for an hour, cold can not find topic and Yan to say what, turn a head to see facing the sun, month and sun don't know at chat what, beating what to make is very happy!
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