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"Guizhou MaoTaiZhen" trademark cause the dispute maotai charged more than ten homemade wine enterprises

Posted Oct 25 2012 4:00am

It is understood that the October 22, guizhou maotai and glory and burn fang wine co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: glory and burn fang) in Beijing fengtai the evidence exchange. And in November 6, honor and burn fang and maotai between trademark infringement will be in Beijing fengtai court official opening.

"On May 18,, we give Chinese wine culture research center, through the China railway express mail the 15 cases of wine to the Beijing west railway station, the result the 15 box the wine was  Cheap Beats By Dre  others carry away, and seek for two months later. But without 16 months later, the company suddenly received the MAOTAI (notoriously corrupt) and from court summons. The content is MAOTAI accuse companies of infringement, and the main reason why the infringement refers to our trademark" GUIZHOUMAOTAIZHEN "of the" MAOTAI "infringement." Honor and burn lane to the relevant person in charge of the securities daily reporters.

In the above honor and burn lane seems to the relevant person in charge, they did not tort, maotai is out of context.

"The honor and burn fang MAOTAI wine box wine box on the use of trademarks not when only labelled as" guizhou MaoTaiZhen "" GUIZHOUMAOTAITOWN" general letters apart, "MAOTAI" as tort "serious illegal" evidence. MAOTAI to do so is out  Cheap Beats By Dre  of context, and we have not tort. In addition, they arrest our wine production date is 2009, and MAOTAI registered trademark MaoTaiZhen letters date is in August 2010, MAOTAI exist suspected bad." These people told reporters.

For maotai this practice, in the glory and burn fang people view, maotai filthy rich, general enterprise will not produce the feast with him, "everyone is MaoTaiZhen on of the enterprise, we wine by others who stole all didn't go to responsibility, but be prosecuted, but also let us compensation (200000 yuan compensation), really very baffling. For this case we will actively answer, if they lose, we will bring a lawsuit. In addition, we will also to" MaoTaiZhen "trademark to the relevant units to enforce its cancellation application."

To this, Beijing GuoKai law firm lawyers ZhongLanAn told reporters that if the enterprise to a trademark entities objection, may apply to the administration for industry and commerce trademark office to apply for cancellation.

In addition, the people also told reporters that maotai for trademark case not  beats by dre cheap  only honor and filed a lawsuit against the burning house a brewery, "before us, in Beijing, maotai has filed a lawsuit against the more than ten homemade wine enterprises, the reasons are trademark infringement.

In fact, "MaoTaiZhen" is a geographical name, in MaoTaiZhen there's a lot of homemade wine workshop are in play "MaoTaiZhen" wine "flag", maotai today prosecution is the glory and burn fang, then the future and more "honor and burn fang" to appear, so maotai is a a to engage in a lawsuit, or otherwise plan?

For this, "securities journal" reporter telephone guizhou maotai dong secret FanNing screen information, but the telephone has been no one answer.

Count in maotai around intellectual property rights do of the article, first is the national wine trademark registration, trademark registration MaoTaiZhen again after the scale of the "clear" MaoTaiZhen the wine enterprises, however, this is not the only maotai to do things, in LaiMao spell hit a piece of blue sky, maotai and LaiMao trademark in playing the idea.

Our reporter recently ended in fuzhou autumn sugar and wine meeting has met LaiMao figure, MaoTaiZhen the wine of enterprises has become the sugar and wine will be a major bright spot. Nowadays, maotai will be aimed at nearly two years to begin flourishing of LaiMao trademark, make many LaiMao distillery are deeply disturbed.

Recently, guizhou bosom kernel industrial and commercial bureau a deputy director, when being interviewed by the media said, trademark application committee has given maotai "LaiMao" trademark precedence, and I agree to maotai enjoy this trademark exclusive rights, but, a trademark license has not been issued. Maotai such as formal have "LaiMao" trademark, other manufacturers reproduction, is the illegal.

Guizhou bosom chong wine group deputy zhao hai to our reporter said, maotai group before LaiMao registered trademark, but there has been no use, according to legal provision, beats by dre cheap  continuous 3 years without of the use of the trademark as long as someone objection can cancellation, then the state trademark is cancelled LaiMao trademark. After be cancelled without a wine enterprises can register to LaiMao trademark, later, MaoTaiZhen on a lot of enterprises are LaiMao production, the market also compares chaos.

Since registered, is what has been and put it into the "the"? And in was again after years of cancellation, and what is the purpose to "LaiMao" trademark appropriation? If the maotai has LaiMao trademark, so MaoTaiZhen on more than 50 home LaiMao winery to be? Their interests by who to protect?

"Maotai through public relations will LaiMao trademark back the possibility is very large. Maotai LaiMao back to its brand trademark protection is a protected, the MaoTaiZhen market environment on a purification, but other small brewery will certainly against." Liquor-making expert iron plows to our reporter said.

And from MaoTaiZhen qian country wine company's sales manager to our reporter said, LaiMao MaoTaiZhen has become the public brand, we do for so many years has brand publicity out, if be gave maotai, then on to MaoTaiZhen production LaiMao enterprise unfair.

A fact of life, and that is emerging in recent years the various "LaiMao" wine are constantly encroach on maotai market share. "Maotai have realized it, this is also the wantonly exalted intellectual property card of reason." One industry analyst told reporters.

No matter what is the consideration, maotai for MaoTaiZhen and LaiMao trademark bidding war, and the production of "MaoTaiZhen wine, LaiMao wine" brewery will face a great survival pressure, and who can stand up safeguard their interests, in their view, the arm her thigh, after all, maotai is big business, but they just smaller workshop.

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