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Green army may with abandon KG Pierce garnett may be traded is the precondition

Posted Feb 18 2013 2:39am
The celtics are management whether the trade garnett rack one's brains, into a dilemma. A news source speculate that if Kevin garnett I agree to be green army deal, that the latter will be in the trading deadline deal to another giant Pierce. Nike Air Foamposite One Earlier today, the most authoritative experts walter the nano rove, base material, exposure to the clippers with "small Jordan + bligh line" in the news of Kevin garnett, then ESPN such web sites are confirmed the authenticity of the rumors. But experts cloth Lhasa DE is're getting says, the clippers management really want to get Kevin garnett, but they don't willing to give up this small Jordan and bligh line, more hope will butler, willy - green and pull the husband, as a trading chip "have multiple're told me, the clippers and Celtic indeed are discussing about garnett trade, the clippers will also take in trading on a future second-round pick times, if Boston people are willing to nod to do this if trading. The current situation is, Boston people haven't made the final decision, they are to rack one's brains." Amy g in the column so wrote. From the present situation to see, if the clippers side is willing to send out small Jordan and bligh line, the green army promised to deal the there is a chance. Small Jordan only 24 years old, bligh line is only 23 years old, the two per capita can play the celtics reconstruction of the role of the main players. Because lang many injured scrap, the celtics this season has ended the coronal dream ahead. Cheap Air Foamposite One Under this background, the general manager to advance reconstruction, anji trade Kevin garnett and Paul Pierce is possible. "News source speculation that if Kevin garnett to give up the use of transaction veto, agree with the team brought him to the other side of words, the celtics will try to trade Pierce, and strive in the trading deadline will clean his out. Amy g said.Jordan in the face of the media said Bryant than James is strong, because kobe Bryant won five NBA championship, and James only a ring. In the all-star game media session, James to this speech is the direct retort. James says he respected once successful one, but don't agree with some of their statement. With the reporter's questions, James flatly said: "I don't think a championship is judge a player's decisive factor. James goes on to say: "(Jordan) said he would choose kobe Bryant because... five ring than a strong. In fact, the ring can't define a player's career, if according to the ring number to calculate, I think bill Russell than Jordan is strong, Russell 11 ring, and Jordan only 6 pieces. But in my opinion, Jordan is the greatest basketball player, he can't row behind the Russell." In addition to Jordan, even magic Johnson also out controversy, he in the earlier this week said: "if James and Jordan 10 times 1 on 1 single pick, Jordan will win 10 times." But James did not make direct response. Penny Hardaway Shoes In a few days ago, James led the Miami heat even g old rivals Oklahoma city thunder and the Los Angeles lakers, in the win over the lakers, kobe Bryant agreed to praise James, says James body let he can hit the magic of basketball. James said: "I will not because other people's comments and change the way of play, also can't go to prove what, to me, these are not important. I play it to my family, my teammates and my coaches team and my fans. I love the sport, this is my power, the other people choose not to choose I don't important." James cited an example that didn't win a championship player is still great, "Judd - cloth the odd le around Jordan had won a championship, Charles barkley without a ring, but there is no doubt that Charles barkley than cloth the odd le outstanding." James said, "ewing is also one of the best players, and reggie miller. They are not champion ring."NBA all-star game this season a "main course" rookie challenge in Beijing time 16 on as scheduled. As a result, does not favor before the chuck team unexpectedly with a 163-135 victory over shaq team, for the second consecutive year won the rookie game victory. In the second half of the game were forty minutes, chuck team almost from the beginning occupied initiative, more than half in the first half, established nearly twenty points advantage, and will keep the advantage in the final. Nike Air Foamposite Pro The scored and points the Denver nuggets forward method Reid became chuck team wins the number one hero, he also relies on the performance of the stability of the rookie MVP "title. Method reed forty points tied the all-star rookie of the history of the second grade, and west brook set in 2010 and points the same record, after durant set in 2006 46 points. Last year the rookie to 34 points the MVP of the cavaliers star kelly Owen again took out 32 points and 6 rebounds and six assists performance, although the final straight to the MVP, Owen still earn enough audience's eye, he late in the second half and chuck's brandon · knight one-on-one "single pick" triggered the audience wave upon wave of applause and cheers.
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