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Going to the Great Wall -Chinatour 0823

Posted Aug 23 2013 3:02am



Now if you have traveled to China for a vacation  China travel  holiday or on a business trip, people will inevitably ask you whether you have visited The Great Wall of China? Why is this tourist attraction in China so attractive? It is because if you have not gone sightseeing at the Great Wall of China, then your China vacation is missing out a great deal. Here is why.

You now are in route on your China tour to  luxury China tour packages  go to one of the most extravagant creations on the planet. The Great Wall is the oldest long wall on the planet and its meaning is defined as “The long wall of 10,000.” In your China tour you will enjoy views from the stone and earthen fortifications which were built and then rebuilt throughout the sixth century BC. Throughout the 16th century the Great Wall was protected against Northern Boarders of Chinese Emperors and from attacks from Xiongnu throughout the successive rule of dynasties. During this period the walls were put into, which Chinese gave it the name the truly Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall has crenellations as are found in European castle walls. Soldiers could survey the countryside through them, then shoot at invaders through the embrasures below.

About the most tourist attractions is the Great Wall and also the “First Pass under Heaven,”  Beijing tour  which converges using the Pacific Ocean at Bohai Sea. Its pet name is “Old Dragon’s Head.” It’s around 300km east of the historical Beijing and links to Jingshen Expressway. Legend has it the Great Wall was created to protect northern China borders throughout the third century era BC, and through the Ming Dynasty. Part of this magnificent wall may be the Ming Walls. The Ming Wall was built throughout the Ming Dynasty in 1368 to 1644. In your China tour you may be in a position to visit the Ming Walls.

The Great Wall is the symbol of the Chinese civilization. Lhasa Tour packages  It is the fruit of the Chinese nation's wisdom. Now, the Great Wall is the famous scenic spot attracting tens of thousands of tourists. There is a well-known Chinese saying on the wall, "He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man". The Great Wall was selected on the list of the World Heritage in 1987. - See more at:

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