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From Kansas

Posted Nov 02 2010 8:42am
It has been a while since an entry has happened here.  I visited with Don and Jane last week.  They both sounded well, and they both continue to recover from bouts with various ailments.  Don has not written here for some time, as you regulars know.  His entries most likely will be much less frequent as the future unfolds.  It is where he is as his journey continues on this "tripover".  So, I will try to fill in the breach as best as I can, in my role of family member  living day to day with Don and Jane, and his family, even from so far away here in Kansas as we all journey together in this stage of this disease. 

There has been much in the news lately with regard to AD research.  Many of you keep up with the latest much better than do I.  Some of us who are of the AARP age, probably saw the article in the September. 2010 issue of AARP Bulletin.
    This was a discussion of a new theory of "free-floating clumps of protein" being the culprit in Alzheimer's disease, and not the long held theory of "sticky plaque" being the cause.  The article discusses the possibility that the plaque might actually be the attempt to protect the brain from the proteins rather than being on the attack.  It all is quite beyond me, but it does say that there is still much ground to cover as medical science moves to positively affect this disease.  We can be optimistic that much of the discussion is now in the news, and taking more of a front page position than has it in the past.  This can only positively affect funding and create new impetus in finding the answers. 

All of us as family, friends, and care-givers need to take heart in all of this.  The answers will be found.  All of you who are in the midst of your own "tripover", will play a part in ultimately finding the cause and cure.
From Kansas.  Jan 
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