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France jersey 2014 world cup soccer jerseys thai 3A+++ soccer uniforms #7 RIBERY Blue Football Jersey Wholesale Free Shipping

Posted Apr 22 2014 4:47am

With only 52 days remaining before FIFA World Cup 2014 kickoff, the preview continues this week with Italy, as one of the most successful countries in the soccer jersey of the world cup. With a good pedigree and a consistent desire to win major trophies, their (Italy) history is beyond description. Nicknamed Gil Azzurris, Italian for "the Blues," Italy has lifted the World Cup trophy on 4 occasions: (1934 in Italy, 1938 in France, 1982 in Spain, and 2006 in Germany). They are the most successful European nation in FIFA tournaments; a sterling character and a wonderful record of performances that has seen them reaching the finals on 6 occasions (including the 1970 in Mexico and 1994 in the U.S.), and will be appearing in their 18th FIFA tournament in spite of the ignominies and scandals over the years. It's not surprising; the 2014 world cup soccer jersey are second only to Brazil for most World Cup Trophies.

The soccer jerseys are inured to controversies in major tournaments, especially when a trophy of high-caliber is at stake. Reputed for ignominies and shameful conducts on and off the pitch-inundated with diving tactics, apathetic and cagey approaches in the early stages of the competition, and/or match-fixing scandals- the infamies have been the hallmarks of the Azzurris in major tournaments for years; parts and parcels of their winning mentality, until recently with Cesare Prandelli, the current manager of the Azzurris who's serious about changing the complexion of Italian soccer. But, thanks to their famous counter-defensive style of play, the Catennacio, the Azzurris have lifted the trophy four times, and even though the tactic seems to have waned remarkably in recent years of metamorphic soccer, their france jersey 2014 approach in international tournaments, rife with 1-0 or 2-0 results through counter-attacks and fortified defenses,remains to be the cornerstone; suggesting that a tactic is here to stay and as long as the national pride & glory are at stake, bellissimo gioco isn't a matter of urgency.

As David Hirshey and Roger Bennett reflect in World Cup Companion, one of the most definitive accounts of the world cup tournament, the Italians are "masters of the black arts of the dive and the professional foul[s]. Unpenalized cheating is celebrated. They have even coined a soccer jerseys 2014 for it-Furbo, gamesmanship- and elevated it to one of the game's highest values." But it's their ability to weather a storm of criticisms and opprobrium that has captivated many over the years, being able to transform it from the level of jersey france to a winning formulae; a benchmark of their run to glory during the 2006 World Cup in Germany where they emerged victorious for their 4th trophy in history.

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