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Finger clean, not even a trace of the prints

Posted Dec 28 2012 9:57am
  Shua, a long strip of the picture spread in the brain, a row of six small lattice interface with the the rocket storage ring Hunshi get indistinguishable! Days, it really is rocket storage online games Ring! while leaving Li Weidong stunned one thing, the color of the ring actually began to slowly subside, and finally turned into a transparent, completely disappeared from sight!
    Finger clean, not even a trace of the prints are no remaining Li Weidong was more clear feeling of the existence of the ring, seems to have been integrated with his fingers. Feeling as if people can not see themselves ears, they will never suspect that their ears are always long in the head!
    In other words, the ring innate Li Weidong body seems to have become an integral part of, but can not re-use the naked eye to see, rely on induction seems soulbound weidong The heart that this is a good one, or if such a stupid ring with hands to be seen not joke dead?
    In Hunshi game, equipment Once bound would not fall, but also can not be discarded and transactions. Weidong feel some regret, it seems quite amazing ring sell may, if it is not binding, the value of a lot of money. now booing, rings the entire disappeared from sight, and want to sell it impossible to sell.
    And quickly browse again ring in the space, the game picked up a few pieces of garbage equipment in an agile guardian belts, an armor blast wrist, a Canadian intelligence Purple Spirit Cloak a medals for bravery and spirit.
    The game equipment Hunshi, in accordance with the properties of addition from low to high is divided into white, four levels of blue, yellow, green, white equipment is the most garbage, players are called whiteboard, in addition to the novice Li Weidong, general burst of the old players out are too lazy to pick
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