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Even the Strong....

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:03pm 1 Comment
I started this blog a few years ago when Mike was sick as a way to keep my friends and family u pdated. I tho u ght that if anyone "fo u nd" my blog along the way, it wo u ld also be a good way of raising awareness.
I've always considered myself a strong person. I take after my dad who did what he had to do, no matter what. He never complained, he was o u twardly always u pbeat and NEVER lost faith. I look back at some of my entries and it so u nds to me like I complain alot, and I don't like the way it makes me feel. I don't want to complain and I don't like a "poor me" attit u de, so I apologize if at times it comes across that way. I g u ess what I am trying to convey is how this disease can weaken the resolve of the strongest people. It can really take yo u down, and yo u don't realize it's happening. If I can feel the way I do at times, then what abo u t people who aren't as strong as I am? It's no wonder that some caregivers break down.
This disease is a CONSTANT u phill battle. When one battle has been won, it's on to another and another, and the only way the war is over is when o u r loved one passes. This disease has no remission, no c u re rate, no s u rvivors.
Forgive me if at times it seems like I am complaining, that was never my intent. This blog allows me the opport u nity to vent and teach others what living with someone with Early Onset Alzheimer's is all abo u t, no s u garcoating whatsoever.
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Do not appologize, you have a right and a reason to bitch and complain. See I suffer from AD & FTD, and we are a handful. You unlike a number of caregivers do not get to punch out at the end of a shift and go home. 24/7 darlin will wear anyone out. The fact that you get it out makes you stronger and gives you more to go forward with. There is nothing to forgive, in fact forgiveness is not due from us, in any it is from the Lord.  I know you read my blog and I get very blunt, so there is no right way or wrong way to put forth your feelings except to do it. Those who find it offensive, the hell with them, they are not in your shoes and hopefully for them they never will be. Other caregivers stand with you. you are not alone.


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