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Do any of the caregivers for early onset spouses sometimes can't wait for them to go into a nursing home ?

Posted by CherB

My husband was diagnosed at age 55 (almost seven years ago).  Sometimes by the time I get him to cooperate with the task we're attempting I am so exhausted that I just want him to be placed.  He goes to adult daycare twice a week but I am adding another day this week.   He is usually happy and good natured and I realize I should count my blessings for that.  But his clicking noises and constant jabbering to magazines and pictures is driving me nuts!   Do I need antidepressants or is it time to look into alternate care???


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CherB--Your feelings are perfectly appropriate and normal for caregivers of people with dementia. They do not mean any lessening of love for your husband. Do not feel guilty. I experienced these feelings when caregiving for my mother when she was alive. Caregiving is a high stress activity and it is essential for you to take care of yourself and get frequent relief and respite from your situation. I recommend conseling for you from a geriatric social worker in your community. He or she may well be able to suggest acceptable car alternatives. Best wishes—Robert Tell, author,
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