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Dizzy (Gillespie?)

Posted Aug 16 2009 10:22pm
Dad has been feeling weak, and dizzy for the last couple of days. I can' t figure out what is causing it, but is comes on suddenly and goes away just as fast. I have combed the Internet and even called the Alzheimer' s Association Helpline ( and asked if this sudden dizziness is a symptom of his Alzheimer' s. The counselor asked if he was on any new medication, if he had problems with blood sugar, if he was standing up too fast, etc. No, no and no. Whenever it happens, he is just sitting in his favorite chair. Yesterday he was doing a crossword puzzle and today he was reading the Sunday newspaper, so there is no apparent cause. I decided to turn on AOL radio, which has an awesome channel that plays music from the 1930s and 1940s. As soon as the music started playing, he started singing. Dizziness gone. Except Mr. Gillespie, or course!
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