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Dental hygienist provides care for those in home-care with Angie Stone

Posted Aug 07 2014 2:13pm

Angie Stone put her money where her mouth is. She started a company gathering dental hygiensts to provide oral care to residents in long term care.  Source:


What a great idea! Thanks to Angie Stone.

When our loved ones are in Care-Homes, Nursing Homes, or Group Homes (as my Mom was) they have many needs that are forgotten or simply get lost in the shuffle.

Much upheaval usually accompanies a family members admittance to a Care Home. Families are making major decisions about life and death and all sorts of legal matters for someone they love very much.

The seemingly trivial things that mean comfort for our loved one can too often be forgotten in the moment. It’s easy to assume that the Care Home will take care of  all the personal and medical amenities. BUT, this may not be true.


I have to say, honestly, a Dental hygienist is probably someone I wouldn’t have thought of during the tumultuous days of admitting Mom to a Group Home. Yet, she had all of her own, healthy teeth and certainly needed that sort of care. An inept tooth-ache could have been a tragedy for Mom. She would have had no idea what the problem was nor the presence of mind to tell me where it hurt. 

Quite often those with dementia show only a cranky demeanor when they actually have a UTI or other painful medical issue. A loose fitting denture could cause little more than a grumpy and irritable family member while they were actually in quite a bit of pain.

My own Mom’s toenails had grown quite long before someone mentioned to me that the “care-home” had a Podiatrist visit once a month.

The little things in life keep us comfortable, happy, smiling and pain-free. Mom was in a much better mood when she had her hair washed twice a week and permed every 3 months.



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