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Dementia - Repetitive Questions: A New Product To Help?

Posted Oct 13 2009 12:00am

We've discussed before the intense challenge of having a person with dementia asking certain questions over and over.  I received an email about a new product that may help with the situation. 

After talking over the care of her 92 year old mother, Jeannette Twoney, faced the multiple question situation just like we all have.  The difference here is that Jeannette appears to have tried a new approach.  Jeannette, a mediator by trade (interesting caregiver training!), invented Kind Reminder, a small recorder that the person with dementia can wear around their neck.  When a simple button is pressed, the person can hear the voice of a family member or friend reassuring them.

The disease of dementia causes memory loss and the person with dementia doesn't realize that they are asking again; to them, the question is being asked for the first time.  A gentle system like this may be of great comfort to some persons with dementia.  The only downfall I see is the fact that the device has to be pushed to activate it.  I haven't seen a sample myself as yet but Jeannette's email and website sounded interesting, so I wanted to share.

Check out the Kind Reminder at  If anyone has tried it, can you please share your experiences?

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