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Deeper in Antarctica Jeremy Jones cheap north face for women reports from the bottom of the world

Posted Jan 09 2013 8:58am
Antarctica Sixty two hours of rolling and rocking threw the Drake Passage are behind us and off the bow of the ship I see the first sign of land. It is amazing to think that one of earths seven continents did not feel the footsteps of humans until the 1820s. Imagine something the size of North America hidden at the bottom of the earth, the last great unknown in our world. Up on the bridge there is an air of intensity and focus that has not been on the face of the captian all crossing. It north face outlet is clear we are dealing with an ocean that is constantly on the move. Ice is the king down here and it leaves everyone on there toes. No, radar, computer or GPS can help us navigate the ice and one wrong move will lead to being closed in by the ice and trapped in ice. (The only other ship down has been stuck in ice for 8 days and there is no end in site) The radars are firing but the spotters spend very little time on the computer screen. It is the binoculars that lead the way. My first impression of Antarctica greatly surpasses my wildest imagination. It is a winter fantasy land. The bleached white peaks and the deep blew ocean waters make for a sharp contrast. With in minutes ripable lines appear in every direction. The place is stacked with cheap north face jacket for women every type of terrain imaginable; spines, chutes, towers, rolling glaciers, and huge seracs. Everything goes. Six days after leaving Truckee I finally arrive. Before I even touch land, as we scope for a place to land, (this is very hard because most of the land ends in seracs) and I realize this is one of the most unique mountain experiences I have ever had. We set out for a small and Mellow warm up run that upon closer look was big and not mellow. I was so mesmerized by my surroundings that I did not totally comprehend the seriousness of the terrain until I was gliding over my first blind roll of the year. It brought back to memories of my trip to Chamonix last June. Quickly I grabbed my axe, and it never left my hands for the rest of the day. Steep, firm and smooth. Everything is steeper and bigger then it looks and many of the cruxes are a few hundred feet above water. Safety never fully came until your were back in the boat. Tonight was topped off with a cruise down a channel that was lined with pink and purple peaks. Some whales led the way and an occasional Penguin saluted us from the passing icebergs. It took all of a one day for Antarctica to cast a magic spell on me. Antarctica is serious riding. Thankfully I was with Xavier De le Rue, one of the most dialed riders in the world for charging critical terrain. Our warm up run was a 1500 ft steep face with a 50+ degree rollover. I was warmed up at the bottom. We rode the open face in front. It looks small because the peaks behind it are huge. We rode this all the way to the water to the right. The bottom roll was super steep and a fall would me a swim in the coldest ocean in the world. One picturefour Trophy Lines. The face behind the line we rode. The knob to the right, the 200 ft bowl of spines right of that and the 2500 ft. thumb at the far right of the picture. Pick a spotany spot, I kept saying to myself. I have never seen so much ripable terrain stacked together so tightly. Sunsets lasts for 5 hours cheap north face for women. It never went totally dark on us. 



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