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Counter Dad's Speech Loss with Extra Time and Caring

Posted Dec 11 2012 12:00am

Dear Carol: My dad had a severe stroke last month. He’s home now and in a wheelchair. What I find the most difficult to deal with is his speech. He’s getting therapy but he gets so frustrated that I hate to put him through the effort of speaking. Also, he has what the therapist calls aphasia, so he can’t always remember what objects are called. That, of course, frustrates him horribly because when he does manage to get a word out, it’s often the wrong word for what he wants. What can I do to help?  Laura

Dear Laura: Losing our ability to communicate our needs to others causes immense emotional pain, both to people directly affected and the people who love them. I can relate to your situation because my uncle had aphasia after a series of strokes. To this day, his frustration over getting the smallest point across remains strong in my memories of him.

R ead more about helping dad with communication:

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