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Comfort Zone Technology Launched By Alzheimer's Association

Posted Nov 06 2009 12:00am

As a member of two committees at my local Alzheimer's Association chapter, I was so pleased to hear about the collaboration between the Alzheimer's Association and Omnilink to launch a special product called Comfort Zone.  This unique product is something that dementia caregivers everywhere have been waiting for.

Using GPS and cellular technology, the Comfort Zone is a web-based location management system for those with dementia.  The system works by a family group setting up certain pre-selected safety zones that are in their loved ones home or area.  Various location devices are placed to monitor activity or movement within these zones so if a person with dementia travels beyond the pre-set markers, a communication will be made to families at frequencies ranging from every 2 minutes up to every 30 minutes. 

Most survelliance systems have been extremely expensive for general consumers.  Comfort Zone has a favorable price point, similar to cell phone service, of a $45 initial hook-up fee with the basic monthly price starting at $42.99 and going up depending on the selected features.

Be sure to read more about this product at and to find out more about Omnilink, the collaborating company who specializes in "location awareness mobile devices", go to .

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