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Coach Factory Outlet leaving the Department of Electronics 0839

Posted Dec 07 2012 6:55am
Claiming to be "rich second generation", Tsinghua University, he finished reading through the relationship. The 19-year-old Coach Factory Outlet Ho Hua (a pseudonym) this semester at Tsinghua University "latent" for more than a month. During which he and the students of the Department of Electronics classes together, also joined the badminton team to participate in until counselor found. Recently, Tsinghua University Department of Electronics counselor Xiao Yin recorded in a log of all online he found a young "mixed with" The Department participated in the Mid-Autumn Festival party, information, knowledge contests, a number of activities such as badminton tournament things. Qinghua first week of school is said that he came to the The Coach Outlet Online Official Bauhinia student apartments, leaving the Department of Electronics, timetables, and then claiming to be outside the Department of Audit students to go to the Department of Electronics, teacher of business cards. Since then, he was close to the students, "to obtain the permission of the class teacher to join the classes. Joined Tsinghua dozen newborn identity Societies. Reporters from Tsinghua University students confirmed most of the contents of the log. Ho Wah over to the students, "he seems Coach Outlet Online Store to be learning little interest, neither attend class on time, but do not take notes listen carefully. " However, any Chinese or skilled tell all teachers, students, seniors name, teacher's name card "and won the trust of the students. He more than once by his classmates said, "is very important to do business, network of people, after graduation we have to help each other. " Xiao Yin log is widespread concern, users believe that schools should have an inclusive environment; friends said, lied posing motives should be repaying the decisive. Reporter contacted on how China today, he said after his high school, no schooling, Tsinghua tour Societies in recruit freshmen signed up. Now he was ready to leave Beijing, and Guangdong to go home. On the internet, said he "infiltrated" Tsinghua "mixed relationship", said Ho Wah own clear conscience, do not understand how can "make friends" is understood Coach Outlet as such a utilitarian behavior, "I do not like the North. ".
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