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Claims to the list pick invincible was t-mac reveal the inside story Bryant lost the big face

Posted Jan 22 2013 1:17am
"The list pick" in the NBA is a sensitive topic, perhaps only like kobe Bryant this talent will be active talked about. In a recent interview with American media, Bryant claims to the list pick don't lose, whether James or tmac is not his opponent. Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 As a result, Bryant voice did not fall, he was moved to Tracy McGrady, and then on the field was James the detonation. "The list pick" this topic from Jordan began. When the reporter asked Bryant to ESPN and who one by one the list pick, kobe Bryant not hesitate a moment to answer a way: "there is no doubt that is Jordan. I don't know what will be the result, if play a 7 game series of words, maybe we will have mutual win, the result may be in the last few between ball." When the reporter mentioned NBA scoring champion once Tracy McGrady, as a contemporary player kobe Bryant can didn't so much respect, "I and T - Mac single pick, I put him completely blow, he did not think. You can go to ask him, and he will tell you the result. I was twenty years old, we in Germany for a shoe brand promotion, we do every day to play together all day, soak in the training. We played three games 11 points of single pick, I win, one of the field as the score is. What's even more interesting is, and the third field after the game, he told me that he's back spasms, there can't play." Kobe Bryant this words is a stone arouse thousand layer wave, even if far China, McGrady is not calm, he quickly through their own push, expressed dissatisfaction, "damn! This is arrant nonsense! Nike Air Max 2012 Mens In the NBA, no one will play one on one game, I and kobe Bryant has never been to Germany together..." Reporter ask a way: "you and lebron James single pick who will win?" He simply replied: "must be me, in one-on-one field, I am the strongest. Lebron is a very complete player, if you play 5 on 5 words he is the strongest. But I'll get him." James clearly heard Bryant, he doesn't like Tracy McGrady do what's cigar-waving patriarch, still play in the NBA game of he to respond. Yesterday the heat away challenge the lakers' game, James 25 shots in the 17, cut down a season-high 39 points, seven rebounds and eight assists and steals the account, but also in the final 49 seconds made secure a ball. In contrast, Bryant's performance will be less than 25 shots, the only 8, only scored 22 points and four rebounds and assists and steals, error is as high as 6 times. Having, pau gasol back, plus recently performance good Howard, the lakers insider dominant, but ended up with a 90-99 loss, have to say kobe Bryant's problem.The lakers coach. Anthony today to the media in an interview on pau gasol is not willing to substitute comments to the response. Based on the Spaniard's handsome says from the current situation, the next game he was most likely will appear the bench, and he also hope gasol can more from the general situation, obey the coaching staff arrangement. Because the sake of concussion, pau gasol missed against the Miami heat in five games before, another Spaniard steady plantar fasciitis problems. Nike Air Max 2012 Womens So in play, pau gasol sat on the bench, but the team to arrange he apparently some dissatisfaction. In fact since DE handsome in the lakers after, pau gasol was more definition into a high big job, although hope gasol appear in low call has been heard, but DE handsome remains largely unaffected. For pau gasol to return to first send request, he also apparently won't promise. "Today is a new day," DE handsome said, "some things we need to continue to watch." "I don't know this (let pau gasol to return to start) is feasible, we also need to observe," DE handsome then added, "he may not like this arrangement, maybe there will be some ridiculous thoughts." Obviously DE handsome guess is right, and in public again today pau gasol expressed his dissatisfaction. "I believe the team should make the best of a bunch of players on the court, I'm one hundred percent believe that, I hope I can be one of the member," gasol said. "the whole career I was as starting, of course I hope it will be continued." But the most recent period in 4, el clark was more reuse, he is on show vitality, comprehensive, and the projection of the perimeter ability, let him become a more. Anthony, rely on players. To this, the team inside pillar Howard also voiced their opinions. "I'm not a coach," warcraft said, "but we are all want to win, let pau gasol substitute, clark as starter may be a good choice, of course, we can also send back to before. But the team's each puzzle pieces are all very important. Who on the court is not the most key, the key lies in all they can to help the team." And to this view. Anthony said the identity. "Who starts actually not important," DE handsome said, "the important thing is the last ten minutes, 8 minutes, and this is our real problem time. My job is to make the team showed the best state, if I think this is the best solution, I would go to implementation. Nike Air Max 2011 This is not about personal feelings. I have to do I think the right choice, I think every player must agree with this point, whether he like. What he (gasol) whether deserve starting? Of course, he deserve. After all, he has been in this team for a long time, and his future is still possible to start. But even if the present situation is not so, you should continue to make a contribution for the team, you should consider to his teammates and the whole team, you must make the most conducive to the choice of the lakers. As to agree that it is another thing." For DE handsome goes, pau gasol just cold replied, "have it return to start) is a good thing, but for me, maybe no accident surprise."
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