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Christmas Gift Ideas for Loved Ones With Alzheimer's Disease

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:51pm
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I found some gift ideas from others who have family members with Alzheimer's Disease. I hope this helps in any way.

1). My Dad had Alzheimer's and got to where he would want certain items under his feet or around him all the time. We got a bright red metal tool box (about$10 at Wal-Mart) and put some of his favorite things in the tool box. This way he was able to keep up with his treasures.

2). Warm fleece blanket and sturdy bedroom slippers.

3). I made tapes of my Dad's favorite music from his earlier years. They seemed to sooth him and some days appeared to make him more alert.

4). Make a family photo album with stories----make it into a book!
Make a basket with things that comfort him----things he loves or used to love.

5). Take him for car ride where he grew up or just out and about.

6). Maybe something like a busy board. We had a man in nursing home I worked in and they took a square of plywood (or something) and put a hasp and other things he could work with. It has been many years now and it's so hard for me to remember all that was on it but maybe the idea will inspire someone to come up with something like it for your Alzheimer's loved one. God Bless.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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