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Chris-Pos said he did not belong to that players popular with fans welcome and enjoy

Posted Oct 27 2012 12:50am
Chris-Pos said he did not belong to that players popular with fans welcome and enjoy.James is one of his team-mate Le Blanc-fair, known as Pos get no respect.2007-2008 season, effectiveness was still a fierce Dragon Pos shooting a video, urged fans to vote for their all-star first.He turned used car salesman in the videonike air max 95 for sale   and sold it canvassing.However Pos failed to get it.United States local time on Friday, when asked if this year will be the film shooting while canvassing, Pos replied: "at that time was just for fun.I know a lot of people wanted me to make another video, but no matter what I do are doomed to fail, because people already have their own point of view.

General-James also has the same feel, the world's most famous basketball player, personal experience-David Stern's contribution to the Union as a whole, contributions tomens nike air max 90 promote the globalization of the NBA.Since the control of the Union, he (Stern) has done too much for the Union."The General said," this is a global game.His broad vision to lead this Union, the way forward, not just in the live competitions across the United States, but in so many countries around the world.This is his vision.Of course, this is not all he is credited.However, the vision of his people around him to implement this plan, so he made the sport globalization.I am glad that I benefited in the hope that everyone in the Union to benefit from.General Romeo LeBlanc added.

DeLong-Williams of the nets guard today accepted the treatment of an injured left ankle, team doctor in their area had a needle injections to help its recovery.The next two days, DeLong will miss the team's training, but at the dawn of the regular season, this treatment helps to him later in the match properly.Earlier diagnosis, DeLong's left ankle was been ruled out as SYNOVITIS, which is an inflammation of an, but the team has not said DeLong will be the absence of any competition.We do not think it is anything serious, but he will be absent tomorrow's training, said nets coach Avery Johnson,-but no accidents in Sunday or Monday, he will return (United States).
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