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China's vice premier of the Cheap Beats By Dre state council

Posted Dec 13 2012 7:51am

China's vice premier of the Cheap Beats By Dre  state council, China's environmental and development of international cooperation committee chairman li keqiang 12 in the diaoyutai state guesthouse in China attended the international cooperation on environment and development committee meeting of the main foreign guests.

Li keqiang said, environment and development is the world face a common challenge, promote green development is the national interest meeting. China is the biggest developing country in the world, in developing environmental protection must strengthen international cooperation. We will continue to act in accordance with the common but differentiated principle, the principle of fairness, their ability principle, bear due international obligations, together with all other parties concerned to promote the sustainable development of human beings.

Li keqiang pointed out that in the China as a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion, the realization of modernization in the history of mankind had no precedent. In the vast land ecological environment protection, but also worldwide difficult problem. The modernization of China toward ecological civilization forward, in front of us is a new subject. Faced with unprecedented opportunities and challenges, we should have "tightrope" suffering consciousness, also want to have "an peak" win confidence. China will further establish respect nature, conform to the cheap dre beats  nature, protecting the natural ecological civilization concept, the construction of ecological civilization in the modernization drive, to realize the development of economy, improve the people's livelihood, protect the ecological win-win.

Li keqiang said, China's modernization, the construction of ecological civilization, all for the sake of man's all-round development. This is helpful to the Chinese people, but also to the global sustainable development. China synchronous promote the industrialization, the urbanization, informationization, the agricultural modernization, containing the enormous potential of the domestic demand, welcome foreign investors to initiate the ecological industry. He hopes the new members (for China's HuanFa business provide more insight.

Will (executive vice President of Kent said China the ecological civilization construction to improve the national strategic height, this is to the cheap beats  global environment and development of the cause of a great contribution. As the foreign party committee member, will further development for China's transformation and modernization construction consulting advice.

12 and when the Japanese aggression against China nanjing massacre victims compatriots memorial offering a field for the nanjing massacre victims ceremony and peace together candle offering "activities. 3000 a red candle in the wind, producing Chinese and foreign friends to come here for the nanjing massacre victims compatriots sit together.

December 13, is the 75th anniversary of the nanjing massacre. That night, pieces of black granite no word monument in peace candle light, appear particularly grave.

Activity, Japan JingDouFu shin otani sent east temple monks would Japan and nanjing PI Lou temple abbot monk pass of Italy with the monk and koji has for the nanjing massacre victims NianXin recite the triple gem, sing songs and bhajan. All the guests to the victims in nanjing massacre altar to mourn.

The Japanese aggression against China nanjing massacre victims compatriots museum director ZhuChengShan said, candlelight offering activities for many times before, this is the fourth invite Chinese and foreign peace-loving people sit together in the wake activities. This activity from the United States, Canada, the Czech republic, Greece, Portugal, South Korea, India, Nepal, Japan and other places are attending, everybody here is only one purpose, just don't forget the history, the blessing of peace.

CaiYiHong is Hong Kong's high school teacher. "This year is the 75th anniversary of the nanjing massacre, I have 201 students to the nanjing massacre memorial to honor the dead, we are very sad, but we also want to use our sincerely pray for them," CaiYiHong hands the red candle said.

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