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China's centers for disease Cheap Beats By Dre control and prevention, the zhejiang

Posted Dec 10 2012 8:48am

China's centers for disease Cheap Beats By Dre  control and prevention, the zhejiang province academy of medical sciences, hunan province disease prevention and control center 6 jointly announced the "golden rice" incident investigation report says, the genetically modified test in violation of the relevant regulations, scientific research ethics and scientific research integrity, the relevant responsible persons has been removed. The mechanism for the incident caused bad effect to the public apology.

According to the survey, project used the "golden rice" from overseas into without approval of the declaration, in violation of the state department of agricultural genetically modified organisms safety management relevant provisions; Project in ethical approval and informed consent told process, misrepresentation of the test is used in genetically modified rice, no parents of students to provide a complete informed consent, violation of the ministry of health of the people involved in the biomedical research ethics review method (try out) "regulation, as well as the scientific ethical principles, there are academic misconduct; The project is mainly to the relevant department's investigation of project cheap dr dre beats implementation, concealing the fact and provide false information, a serious breach of scientific integrity.

Survey monitors said, according to the business unit personnel punishment interim provisions ", "the national science and technology plan implementation research misconduct treatment method (for trial implementation)", "Chinese communist party disciplinary regulations and other provisions, the Chinese CDC nutrition food for the shadow cancellation, maternal and child nutrition leadership positions, technical title from secondary researcher down to level 3 penalty, make its three years shall not be presided over by the scientific research work, cancel the qualification of doctoral tutor, the party committee decided to cancel his party's position; Zhejiang provincial health bureau decided to cancel the party WangYin YiKeYuan zhejiang province science and technology department director duties, zhejiang province YiKeYuan decided to cancel WangYin health food research institute of nutrition and food hygiene research director duties, cancel the secondary researchers recommend qualification, courtyard academic committee qualification and hospital ethics committee qualification, make its three years shall not be involved in the title promotion work, YiKeYuan zhejiang province party committee decided to give his party's warning sanctions; Hunan province CDC in view of YuMing hu in the subject field exist in the management of the neglected, work dereliction of duty behavior, decided to cancel YuMing hu, assistant director of the center for disease control, section head position, hunan province CDC party committee decided to give his party's warning punishment.

China CDC, the zhejiang province YiKeYuan and hunan provincial CDC said it will this ring, to further strengthen the scientific beats by dre cheap research project supervision process, perfect the internal rules and regulations, strengthen the legal laws and regulations, scientific research integrity, professional ethics and medical ethics education.

In August 2012, the United States tufts ShangGuangWen etc in the American journal of clinical nutrition published titled "" golden rice" of beta carotene and oil capsule of beta carotene on children supplement vitamin A also effective "research papers. International environmental group greenpeace immediately condemned the researchers use genetically modified rice to China six to eight years old children in human trials, created quite a stir.

Investigation shows that the "golden rice" test ShangGuangWen belongs to the "children's plant carotenoids vitamin A equivalent research" project, the project content is the study of spinach, "golden rice" -- and beta carotene capsule of carotenoids in children with absorption and converted into vitamin A efficiency, beats by dre cheap explore prevent children from vitamin A deficiency of the way. In 2008, the project by zhejiang transfer to hunan, and shadow and Ann in hunan to a domestic project merger, may in the same month and day to June 23, HengNaXian JiangKouZhen center primary school in implementation of the test. 80 children subjects were randomly divided into three groups, one group of 25 children in June 2, each with lunch eat the sixty grams "golden rice" rice. His parents and guardians have held informed sessions, but didn't explain the test will use genetically modified "golden rice". The sessions only released the last page of the informed consent for signature, and the page content were not mention food is "genetically modified rice" "golden rice".

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