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Changes in One’s Soul

Posted Feb 13 2012 5:14am
Once upon a time, there was a bachelor named Jack. He lived on farming in a small village. With the introduction of his friends, he met a girl named Alice. They got married after a month. The next year, Alice gave birth to a lovely girl. They gave her a name pandora. They lived happily. In order to meet the requirement of the family for life, Jack had to go out to earn money. He came to New York and started his own business. At first, he earned a little. He bought two pairs of pandora charms for his wife and his daughter. However, due to the wrong operations, he failed in his business. Alice divorced with him and took Pandora away. Jack became a bachelor again. When Jack was walking in the street, he suddenly heard the news that people who broke the law would be sent to the jail. He was cold and tired. Thinking about this, he could image the comfortable environment there. “If I am sent to the jail, there will be no need to worry about my life.” he thought. Thus, he decided to do something illegal to go to the jail. Once upon, he saw a young woman in little clothes standing in front of a bar. He acted himself as a playboy. Singing out of the tune, he went towards to her. He put his arm around the woman’s neck and said, “Would you like to have a drink with me, beauty?” A policeman was on duty opposite the street. Apparently, he saw them. But the woman kept silent and smiled. After a while, the policeman turned over her head. The woman said beside his ear, “Of course, but if you are willing to present me a pair of pandora earrings, I will be your wife.” Hearing this, Jack put down his arm and ran away. Accidently, he saw a bank near the police. An idea came into his mind. He brought a gun and rushed into the bank. He shouted, “Put up your hands, and show me all the pandora gold. As long as any of you move, I will shoot all.” Everyone was surprised. But after hearing a policeman’s words, they became calm and died as he said. The policeman explained that the crazy man must be an excellent actor who was playing a role in his new film. He said that it was impossible to do some robbery in the eyes of the police. Jack’s face turned red, and he ran away without taking anything. Jack came into a shopping hall which was selling pandora jewelry. The gems studded on the jewelry were shinning brightly. He was lured completely. Just at that time, he found that a pair of pandora bracelets was on display in the corner. They seemed to be lonely. Knowing that the policeman was coming there to charge for taxes, Jack put them on, and said they were his. The salesman did not reject. He said: “It has been there for several days. If you are its owner, just take it away.” Jack was too surprised to say any word. The policeman was busy collecting money regardless of the confused man. In the evening, when Jack was wondering without any destination, he came to a church. People were reading poems loudly. Falling into the poems, Jack remembered his family. He felt that there were love and dreams in the world. He still had many things to do. Thus, he went to his hometown, and went on his business on pandora necklace. Two years later, he succeeded. He was very grateful. Thanks to the poems in the church, Jack changed his soul, even his life.
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