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But the general dunk when yao Ming: didn't eat pork but have seen a pig run

Posted Feb 20 2013 3:23am
Slam Dunk contest ended, in the hybrid interview area, there is a Chinese reporters asked about yao Ming: you players age dunk is not very good, like you such a layman in this year's dunk the judges of the contest, feel? YaoMingXiao: "China has an adage you know it: don't eat pork, but have seen a pig run please. Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes Although I dunk creative without them, but I have seen a lot of dunk. Actually came here, is nostalgic, we do not ravel to score well." This evening, "read a lot of pig run" yao Ming become dunk the judges of the contest, smiling PingWeiXi sitting in the middle, and worked as a judge. He returned to the Toyota center familiar stadium, but not stood there play, but discuss without doing. "I am very excited, see a lot of young players, so have rushed into, fully display their talent. To tell you the truth, this year the referee is bad when, every dunk are not too high praise. Yao feeling said, "these young people let the Slam Dunk contest is wonderful, they desire is very strong, shows a very good tension and imagination." In yao opinion, perhaps most important, but not as judges and old friends together, "is very interesting, I enjoy this experience. In fact not just come here to see the slam dunks, and see a lot of former teammate, legend and former coach Rudy." A reporter asked yao Ming to the rockets' view, yao greatly appreciate now young rockets, "they are walking in the right orbit. Last summer, the rockets have done a great job recruitment, they introduced a LinShuHao and haddon. Now they have a lot of victory, losing more than 50% of the game. They make a person very excited, so young, full of talent, I think they have bright future."2013 NBA all-star game after wonderful fighting off the beaten track, and ultimately the west to a 143-138 victory over the east. Cheap Lebron X The game Chris Paul shows the most versatile leader temperament, the 10 7 for cut down twenty points and 15 assists and four steals data, he also therefore won the 2013 all-star game MVP honor. According to the past all-star practice, usually in the form of the winner's highest scoring player was elected the MVP, the game the highest score in the west is thunder star Kevin durant, he full of 24 shots and get 30 points 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals data. But compared with such a score only know the players, the fans obviously prefer to Paul's almighty, he not only on the offensive end ambition, at the same time in the organization will also such a basketball event deduced colorful games add a lot of highly appreciation of the lens. Be worth what carry is, Paul is clippers history the first MVP honor player - no matter what aspects of the MVP, he is also changed the clippers one thousand three-point banker team image, become a super star group of superstar. Cheap Kobe 8 Compared with durant so only know attacking players, Paul's presence as the game into a very distinct fashionable element, he giddy dribbling, spooks breakthrough and scout passes, will be the whole western all-star series up. Compared with durant that focus on scoring, and make the all-star game much loss of some entertainment factor is different, Paul's this highly appreciation of dozen become the most eye-catching place, he won the MVP honor is also called. From the beginning of the game to a teammate Paul griffin's two record blockbuster dunk on, he pulled open their own show feast. In a time of transition defense attack from the east players intermediate cut in, and then a legs play plate pass directly to kobe Bryant, who scored easily, these can be fully show him as a point guard selfless and to one's heart's content. Paul played purpose not such as west brook such players at scoring, but true to the team as their aim to play team are combined. Of course, Paul is not do not have good ability to score, when the game into the last time the two teams played very deeply worried, Paul's attack once let eastern playing silly. The fourth quarter 4 points and twenty seconds ahead of the west only three points, Paul while Owen defense when do not pay attention to direct cut to the basket score. Kobe 8 Shoes Then Anthony's goal to help the east again after points, but Paul turned to his dribble is a record dry pick three points jumper. Paul game with 1 minute 57 seconds Paul again hit a record three points, to help the west will be extended to 11 points difference lay the fundamental key of victory. This is Paul, he is always in the basketball court to play as a team concept, but once the game into the key stage he has a chance, will never miss the opportunity to score. In today's such a constellation of stars of the event, he is the star of stars.
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