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Best Cheap iPhone 5 Cases

Posted Mar 04 2013 7:46am

Apple iPhone 5 is one of the most popular mobile phone, has become a symbol of high quality. Just like people now use the price of iPhone 5 to measure the other brand mobile phone, has become the price of iPhone 5 for the mobile phone industry standards. Apple iPhone 5 has become the product of a new era, which has become a trend of products in today's society.

For users of the iPhone 5, the most concern is how to protect the mobile phone, who does not want lovely iPhone that has a little injury. Now, mobile phone shell not only serves as a protective role of mobile phone, mobile phone has become ornaments. Types of mobile phone shell is various, style is each different, the function is very comprehensive, we can choose a suitable for mobile phone shell according to their own needs.

Not only mobile phone shell has become a popular fashion product, and now through the mobile phone spin-off of mobile power, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth and so on are the necessary elements today. Every parts have their own use, and can effectively solve the daily needs of everyone. Today I will introduce for everybody including some good equipment, for example, best iphone 5 cases, recommend them to everyone. We want to provide some help for you.

ROCK original protective cases

First of all, I introduce this ROCK Mr. II protective case, which is designed for iPhone5. Like its name, well-known parts maker ROCK launched a mobile phone appearance are very much in line with the offbeat style rock. Graffiti series pattern is the most love. Today I give everybody the introduction of Apple iPhone 5 protective case is adorable and rabbit, that let Mr. Rock as the background, and has a variety of different colors for your choice. This product is worth to buy.

Uphold ROCK consistently excellent quality, the ROCK Mr. Rock II and rabbit let doodle protection case in the design of each hole is also have an ulterior motive. Joining the original pattern, but add it.

Protective factors set is the biggest lies in its selection of materials and processes, the rabbit small protective case adopts the most advanced technology in the world, enduring, fresh. It is made of super high quality polycarbonate with high transparency, flexibility, and very good, also very scratch-resistant and wear-resistant high temperature.

Lepow Mini Bluetooth speaker

I want to introduce second products for Lepow Mini Bluetooth speaker, just easy for bluetooth. Listen to the music of the people know, the sound effect is very important for the music man. Mobile phone sound really dare not flatter, Bluetooth speaker so a convenient just to meet people's needs.

Lepow joy bubble magic like Bluetooth three varieties for your choice, blue Dumbo, green Apple, orange tropical, color is very pure, can't feel a copycat. Inspiration of this product shape design style from the trunk, and have obtained patents. The fuselage diameter 58mm, height 89mm, weight 150g. The material is using rubber process, make its have comfortable interesting touch.

Lepow joy bubble magic Bluetooth speakers can not only free, and support cable transmission. Built-in 500 milliampere lithium battery, can work for 4 hours. Perfect sound experience, by the German tuner tuning master personally, let you enjoy the master of the music feast. In the hardware is optimized for the base, to make them have rebounded, so that the voice of strengthening the resonance effect. Note that the Lepow joy bubble magic as the effective transmission distance of Bluetooth speakers is 10 meters. Besides, Lepow also launched some unique iphone 4 cases for fans. If you have an interested on them, you can go to best case mall.

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