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because of this problem, it was not in favor of officials real name to open

Posted Dec 02 2012 5:36am

microblogging. Why did you leave some time back Chen: knowledge level, the knowledgeable

leadership cadre real name and hovering between anonymous open microblogging would like

to express the true view of the heart and confused, and afraid to get burned, so very jordan shoes 2012 for sale  

tangled contradictions. I left microblogging, a lot of people every day through the

private letter calling me back. I hope that through the microblogging platform, for the

people, especia cheap air jordan 2012 shoes   lly migrant workers actually do something at the same time through the

microblogging concerned about the three rural issues and social management innovation

topics.It should be said, microblogging management there are inadequacies, for example,

the human flesh search is a double-edged sword, and promote anti-corruption and

promoting Administrative supervision, but also many officials hesitate. Microblogging air jordan 2011 shoes for sale    

officials, real estate, personal experience, and even marriage status may be open, such

a network environment dampened the enthusiasm of many people, some people have to choose

to play it safe, less is better. Therefore, the state should establish rules and

regulations to deal with the dissemination of false information. Thus, in order to

encourage more officers to come out.China Youth Daily: Apply a question of the popular

business microblogging and blog for so long, you happy Li Chen: I remember a

microblogging said Confucius microblogging According to research, the ancestor of

"Analects" is the first microblogging set. : Each Analects none of more than 140 words;

concise, profound meaning; 3. Relatively fragmented, multi Confucius sun mood exchanges

philosophy; 4. Highly interactive, often interact and Zi Gong, Yan Hui ; 5. Confucius

more than 3,000 fans, including 72 plus V certification.It should be said,

microblogging, my living space several times of expansion, my horizons have been

broadened, improved level of knowledge. Through microblogging, I know a lot of friends,

improve their self-confidence and self-motivated, and learned a lot of things, some of

their own dissatisfaction in contrast with surfers also be resolved, I was happy.China

Youth Daily: you pull the black on the microblogging someone else Chen: I basically did

not pull the black too. Officials to open real name microblogging generous mind, it is

necessary to network public opinion, we must learn to accept and guide. I have a very

firm iron powder doubt hovering fans. If an official is small-minded, shielded pull

black for some users, a lot of people will think that this is the domineering of

officials, would have thought that bad even greater success met, close to become closer

to the suspect variable into opponents.(Editor: An Xiaofeng)Original title: college

entrance closed at 18 o'clock on the 5th non-Beijing candidates membership need back to

the originThe Morning News 2013 College Entrance Examination network reported channel

yesterday officially open, the candidates time to December 18. It is understood that,

before this year's college entrance, the city's off-site college entrance policy has not

been introduced, the City Board of Education candidates to remind non-Beijing candidates

membership back to the origin, so as not to delay the exam.The same as in previous

years, most of the schools to take the form of collective enrollment. Yesterday, the

reporter saw in Beijing 27 school teacher candidates one by one to the students about

the precautions. Including, overwrite the original password; account the location

address with booklet; need to select the test project plus test such as sports, art, art

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