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because of people's desires enhances unceasingly

Posted May 04 2012 12:47am
The health ministry statistics the residents to the medical health service satisfaction survey report results show that Randy Moss more than two-thirds of urban and rural residents for the medical and health services that satisfied, less than 10% of that not satisfied; Nearly two-thirds of urban and rural residents expressed satisfaction with experience to go to a doctor, 10% said not satisfied; The urban and rural residents are not happy with the total cost, check is medical treatment Randy Moss cost, drug prices. Also can't really say, want to see how to collect samples, with what method. In order to judge if the entire medical services may not accurate, can obscure some problems, go against the improvement of the work. Generally, the service sector, satisfaction 75 ~ 85% has been very good. And not only improve the satisfaction may not dropped. Fall is also not strange, because of people's desires enhances unceasingly.

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