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as early as nike blazer pas cher in 2006

Posted Mar 30 2013 6:52am


In fact, as early as  nike blazer pas cher   in 2006, when he was the Deputy Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei, to participate in the training course of the Central Party School , the writer completed research on efficiency, equity, justice interrelationships Some Thoughts on ". Lou Jiwei, the paper stressed, the pursuit of social justice is not only a redistribution of responsibility, if the pursuit of efficiency at the same time do not work hard to achieve the process was fair, then ripping off the most efficient, great the income inequality consideration to solve triggered, the face of the initial distribution of the disorder redistribution is unable to start, in the process of promoting the development should focus on social justice. The person said that the practice of the trade unions at all levels will "want to urge the people's congresses at all levels and the introduction of rules on raising the income of the front-line workers and determine the schedule. According to reports, the China Federation of Trade Unions in the future on the basis of the views, promote the formation of a wage formation requirements, long-term planning, the Ordinance by the people LAC has the force of law.


National Bureau of Statistics released for the first time this year, the Gini coefficient, 2012 the Gini coefficient of 0.474, indicating that the current domestic residents is still a large gap between the rich and the poor. According to international standards, the Gini coefficient is between 0.3 to 0.4, the income gap is relatively reasonable, the Gini coefficient above 0.4 indicates the income gap, when the Gini coefficient of 0.6 indicates that income disparity.


In recent years, nike blazer femme    many studies have shown that the income gap in China mainly in the gap between urban and rural areas and industries gap, no matter what kind of income level employees are grossly under.Forward three ministries and the State Council formulated the "Opinions" this year, an appropriate increase in the level of junior civil servants wages; adjust and optimize the structure of wages, reduce the proportion of subsidies and allowances, and to increase the proportion of basic salary; hard in remote areas allowance standard. The most important content of the Payment of Wages Ordinance is to solve problem of arrears of wages, and the protection of migrant workers from the higher legal level.




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