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Array of Bavaria grams Guardiola Real Madrid Barcelona! Three main outstanding issues Pep defuse

Posted Jan 17 2013 6:10am
Yesterday evening, morning hours, European football a substantial bomb exploded, Bayern announced that Guardiola developed within season Heynckes pointer together with responsible compensation Bundesliga giants Guardiola annual 17 million for 3 years! Why Bayern Guardiola is a concern that deserves reflection. The Bayern coach Heynckes coach in Germany arena Yiqijuechen the fact that the biggest rival, defending champion Borussia Dortmund no difference points to 12 points, the 2nd one half of the growing season, if nothing unexpected happens, the league has lost Hou two Bundesliga giant salad again, but Bavaria is without a doubt only Bundesliga set Guardiola Guardiola please step absolutely need is most likely the Champions League! Champions Bayern in 2009 League final at-home was the overthrow within the "miracle" Chelsea lost the crown to Bayern throughout, to hard shock as to, even though domestic sphere is indeed so smooth, but Champions League with Valencia and Lille and Borisov from your same group for the reason that original challenge Bundesliga Bayern boss was really if your third group, which saw Bayern reached a bottleneck, the prospects for this League of Champions Hoeness not been simple and easy , Sammer.
In the case of the Champions League, Bayern biggest rivals, the sheer number of two strong La Liga Real Madrid and Barcelona is Barcelona tyrannical However one more strong team meeting within the red and blue army are often stronger being a sieve is compared to Real Madrid, La Liga LeBron James Authentic Jersey achievements disorder, nonetheless the Champions League remains the favorites to win the Champions League semi-finals last season, Bayern and fight two rounds Galactic before duty connected with a sentence down the road, Bayern won the Champions League Cross, La Liga, two strong, it is simple, Bayern Why melon handsome to root seedlings Guardiola Barcelona red background, worldwide dream three swept to elucidate, and then even melon Barcelona "heritage" could and also know, put Bayern in your overall type of the division Barcelona prescribe the natural weakness for the Red Army and the blue right drug to defeat the enemy. Guardiola natural enemies more Mike Mussina, Mike Mussina last season ended Guardiola against attack, however entire Real Madrid against Barcelona much Dwyane Wade Swingman Jersey less negative or guest coach Guardiola Guardiola wins a legislator, but in addition Real Madrid the Shazhao high.
During Guardiola took over in Bavaria, in agreement in the outside world difficult Bayern team and league competitive than La Liga, Champions League, challenges large melon, nevertheless, the reality is fake, Crazier pirated Klopp of Dortmund act in harmony suppression capability known circulating from your whole of Europe top five offensive strength Bayern arms is usually released over two consecutive years, the Bundesliga the year 2010 initially represented Bayern clash cheaper than any cheaper, ths issue as internal Bavaria, Bavaria it three centers Gomez, man Zhu Keech and Pizarro, Pizarro could be willing to function as a reserve, but Bayern striker or two console Central High dominates. Renowned melon Shuai different from the best name striker Ibrahimovic the embarrassment experienced striker melon Shuai inflexible big may be a challenge alone, finally in Bavaria which is used to meet impossible to clean off two Guardiola style tyrannical power of the dagger. Second, the Sammer Bayern board also, the administration take to carry out that the coach Pep Guardiola calm from the problem of high Sammer known Bayern coach ever completely eradicate Bayern 3 giants control the destiny of your tactical technique to the differences or melon Shuai registration vary acclimated, Bavaria is expounded the best way to intervene, even though all his success in Barcelona, ??while red and blue army remains seen even the least bit. It is composed by nbaeliteshopjerseys 01.17.2013
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