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Apple iPhone brought five changes to smart phones industry

Posted Jul 02 2012 10:00am

Apple iPhone5 is five years old!, on June 29, 2007, Steve Jobs officially launched the first iPhone, opening up a new era of smart phones. 5 years later, the iPhone has become the industry gold-most powerful money-making machine, the current iPhone global sales have reached 217 million, brought more than $ 150 billion revenue for Apple. No exaggeration to say that, iPhone is not only a profound impact on the smart phone industry, has changed the entire technology industry. Listed on the iPhone 5 anniversary, CNN staff writer Heather Kelly wrote an article summarizing iPhone5 years old, which brought the world's 5 largest change.

Five years ago, people simply cannot continue to work after leaving the computer, when the Android system yet to be born, while executives are addicted to his BlackBerry in his hand, believed that this is the best Mobile Office solution. At that time, Mr jobs ' greatest visions was the mobile phone, iPod media player and Internet connection into a smart mobile devices,ultimately launch iPhone shocked the industry. In terms of technology, user experience, industry models and business models, iPhone was attracting industry and industry change, and had a profound impact on the technology industry as a whole.

Listed on the iPhone 5 anniversary, we believe that this product mainly brought 5 profound changes in world.

1.the new revolution of human-computer interaction Prior to 2007, global mobile phone keyboard input-oriented, people on the physical keyboard typing speed has reached the level of crazy, especially in the field of smartphones. RIM BlackBerry QWERT full keyboard design of highly respected, but the coming of the iPhone will be applied to the full screen touch input tree phones, defined an entirely new user experience, and trained users to use it again. Now touch input has become the standard for mobile human-computer interaction, and it has long been used to switch left and right sliding picture or gestures such as the Web page. Though Apple iphone5 is not coming, iphone4 and iphone4s still hot, even the iphone accessories are hot too, for example best iphone4 cases, which iphone case do you like best? I like unique iphone4 cases.In addition, the iPhone now is starting to Siri leads the voice input for the voice attendant craze.

2. the iPhone leads spurtMobile App Development

In fact, the iPhone's biggest advantage is not touch technology, but its intrinsic iOS operating system, and come out a year after the birth of the iPhone App Store. Prior to the birth of the iPhone, Mobile App mode has already existed, but what Apple really be established a complete set of ecological models and business models, also develop application user's habits, which makes mobile application development ushered in the spurt. Today, the application of Apple and Google, the number exceeded 500,000. Moreover, Apple has been applied to these developers issued a cheque for a total of $ 5 billion, which makes this industry created the conditions to the continuous development of benign.

3. always connect to the Internet

One of the main functions of the iPhone is the Internet connection, not just the push email and browse the Web. In this regard, iPhone does it extremely well, today's smartphones can already copied PC all applications of the Internet so that people can use Internet office anywhere, anytime around the clock. Of course, uses the Internet to facilitate to people around the clock at the same time, also make excessive indulgence in the virtual online world. According to the survey conducted by the Gazelle, about 15% of respondents admit they would give up sex life rather than a week away from their iPhone.

4. the supply chain integration

IPhone was never been optimistic about in the industry, now it has become the world's largest smartphone brand that is inextricably linked with Apple's excellent supply chain system. Successfully achieved vertical integration model of the iPhone hardware, software, big threads of different operators, service providers, the Internet industry, and industry collaboration, so that every aspect of the industry chain are becoming very important, thus forming a great ecological, also generated a number of new industrial forms and new job opportunities.

At present, the Apple in China's largest contract manufacturer Foxconn, is primarily responsible for assembling Apple iPhone and iPad products. But recent poor aeration treatment of workers at Foxconn scandal is also to a certain extent affect the image of Apple. Therefore, Apple CEO Tim Cook has agreed to allow third party supervision of Apple's contract manufacturers in China.

5. industry recovery

Perhaps the iPhone directly led to the demise of the BlackBerry, but it cannot be denied that the iPhone also brings a change to the industry boom. Google has launched its own Android open source systems, Microsoft abandoned the WM6.5 before, WP7 launched with a new operating interface, in addition to other smartphone manufacturers are beginning to follow Apple touch screen mobile. In addition, the coming of the iPhone not only led the Smartphone era , it also brought changes in mobile industry. Masters mobile today is Apple and Samsung, and Nokia, RIM, Motorola, Sony Ericsson has been at the edge of the cliff. Of course, we think the iPhone big changes for the industry is "innovation" to help other companies break the mind-set, to develop some of the more innovative products and applications.

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