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Anthony 42 points shoot nine goals in three points record to help the knicks escape the eagle

Posted Feb 01 2013 2:53am
At the knicks 106-104 win over the eagle, the visiting team check three winning streak. Anthony contribution 42 points 5 board, hit 3-pointers, and nine goals in the final 12.5 seconds layup a three-point play every success, to help secure the home team. Nike Air Max 24/7 Anthony the nine goals hit 3-pointers, tied the knicks history single field long shot hit number record, and broke the personal career single-game three-pointer hit record number. In addition, he continuous 29 games to score and +, tied for the team record history. Anthony and throw the 15, the three-pointer 12 of 9. Jason kidd because back problems played just five minutes we went back to the dressing room, felton 12 points and 10 assists, chandler 2 three plate two blocks. Substitute, J.R. Smith and stoudemire were cut down and points, the latter otherwise 8 board account. The eagle had five players in double figures. Glen's 27 points 5 plate 6 assists, josh Smith twenty points and four assists, KeWoEr 13 points and 7 rebounds, horford to 16 points 6 plate, Stevenson 15 points. Felton even 3 jumper with the start on June 3. The two's case even remember three points, even the eight points retaliation, but sweet pearl's joint felton assists shot long shot, Anthony 13-10. Howard even two ball, felton floor three points, the eagle, followed with 7-2 small high tide, Anthony long shot back, the knicks retaliate a 7-0, the first section 27-25 leading. Ken Griffey Max Puri geoff, even two grain of three points, the use of 9-0 attack wave will extend the lead to 11 points. Stevenson floor three points, the eagle hit 9-2 attack wave will points gap down to 4 points, the game into white-hot. Anthony jumper hold the morale of the troops, Stevenson play three points success, Smith four points in 31 seconds dunk equaliser, Anthony 55 seconds in even three grain of 3-pointers, help the knicks regain advantage. Stevenson last 26.2 seconds long shot hollow access, the two sides in the first half finished 52 flat. In Taiwan you fight, Anthony scored five points, then and sweet pearl's hand in hand in again 3 remember three points, the eagle not resigned to playing second fiddle, in Smith's case and led crazy rally, the two sides into the game mode. The eagle hit 7-2 small high tide again - Anthony long shot again, the knicks retaliate a 7-0,75-70. Johnson made two free throws, Anthony last 21.3 seconds long shot again, the knicks by eight points for lead into the small. Anthony single section hit 5 grain of three points scored 17 points. The eagle using 5-0 offensive will points gap down to 3 points, J.R. Smith scored four points, steady soldier's morale stubborn eagle hit 7-0 again an equaliser, Anthony scored four points, stoudemire even throw a cut down with 4, 94-91. KeWoEr three free throws, Smith scored five points, again the equaliser. Stoudemire two free throws, horford to 1 minute 34 seconds dunks, Anthony was left to carry the key moment was Smith steals, then jump missed out, the final 12.5 seconds, Cameron layup for 3 points, Smith success buzzer hands for a three-point shot, the knicks 106-104 win over rivals. Ken Griffey Max 1 The celtics general and rajon rondo today without warning in reimbursement announced season, the green unlined upper garment for army is undoubtedly a heavy blow. In the first time and ESPN and writing, through some data, this paper analyzes the long absence will be more green unlined upper garment to the impact of the army. Rajon rondo very well, this no doubt. But please remember so far this season and the celtics' offense efficiency in the league only the 23rd. And personally efficiency for, in this season all played over 500 minutes of players, lang more efficiency value also ranked alliance 56. In the previous four seasons rajon rondo battle game, the team's record of 145-95 negative, and instead they record is 22 wins, 13 negative, isn't bad. But rajon rondo is to the green unlined upper garment army role or no one can replace. Data show that in the season, when rajon rondo present period of time, the celtics and the average scores of every minute to 93.8 points, and instead only 90.7 points. In addition, the team's shooting threes, assists, scoring the several offensive production technical indicators, in rajon rondo is not present period of time will be dropped. Only one answer, that is his assists. This season more than RON averaged can assist his teammates get 24.3 points, in the top league, and the numerical than second much close to 3 points. Last season, lang much the data but also had a career, to record is averaging 25.8 points. In the long hours of play more, the team 49% field goal from all his passing, the data also ranked the alliance. The team's most depend on the long ball player is Kevin garnett. Nike Max Alpha 2012 This season when rajon rondo present time, Kevin garnett in the five feet within the scope of the field goal percentage reaches as high as 68%, and conversely the data but dropped to 59%. In addition, rajon rondo season after reimbursement, the green unlined upper garment army in the pick-and-roll offensive efficiency will be affected, in this attack routines, rajon rondo direct leading 52% of the score. This season lang more data will be stopped at 13.2 points, 5.4 rebounds and 10.6 assists. He also became the fourth history finish this achievement player, before the three is magic Johnson (7 times), Oscar Robertson, (3), and Chris Paul (one).
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