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and adhere to nike air max 2012 womens the belief, 21:19 defeated Lee Chong Wei. Due to the hard work of the athletes

Posted Dec 13 2012 7:24am
We opened the Olympic diary nike huarache free for sale went looking and found, to appreciate these wonderful moments. Do you remember the leaf poetry? Seemingly frail man, that's actually very strong the Hangzhou little girl, with her ability, won two gold medals in swimming, this is a huge breakthrough for the Chinese swimming team, just left the head of a sixteen-year-old girl, beyond the world champion, nike free 5.0 v4 mens broke the world record is how Burongyia to conquer the world, her actions prove that he can, China can. Speaking of leaves poetry, you have to talk about before the break in the World Championship men fifteen hundred meters freestyle guy - Sun Yang, he also fight for breath, you know, before the media always questioned China swim team, swimming did not place, cheap nike air max 1   but also to take South Korea's Park Tae-hwan and China's Sun Yang for comparison, four hundred meters freestyle project, opponents catch up, but with Sun Yang tenaciously, finally won an absolute advantage. A little accident in the 1500 meter race, was able to promptly adjust their attitude, the leading edge to maintain to the end. That wonderful, nike free 3.0 v2 womens exciting badminton final, Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei played really is neck and neck, the first two war into a one-to-one level, so we are very tense, and all of them are grave, eyes stare straight Leng Leng live TV, the third inning battle became 17:19, Super Dan behind, we all stood up, heart in his throat, eyes blink are afraid to blink for fear of missing a small detail will be extremely sorry . The audience also cheer for them, the last Super Dan to his indomitable will and adhere to nike air max 2012 womens the belief, 21:19 defeated Lee Chong Wei. Due to the hard work of the athletes, leaving the audience in a fantastic world badminton match-ups, the entire stadium boiling. Indeed, 15 world champions, reelected Olympic men's singles gold medal in the first person, badminton only "Golden Slam" ...... lindane has been crowned the greatest player in badminton history "Block, but on the whole boiling enjoy celebrating instantly, lindane net but came alone and lonely - This is not only respect for the opponent, but also between the sympathetic hero Lee Chong Wei shook hands and embraced. Super Dan proud, proud.
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