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An Actress’ Love

Posted Feb 10 2012 1:07am
pandora was an actress working in a famous movie company. Her charm of manner made her very popular. She was tall and thin, her charming golden hair lied back in curls from her small ears. Her eyes are blue, and full of gentle firmness. She had a great career. In many people’s eyes, she was a perfect woman. However, perhaps due to her perfection, she never had a boyfriend. Young men thought that Pandora was so wonderful that no one could match her. In recent years, she was busy with her career. What was more, she did not take part in activities any more. Thus, she had not chance t make friends. In 2009, she got a pair of pandora bracelets as an award. Though she had succeeded in her career, she was not happy. Every time she received an honor, she just put it in her closet. Pandora had collected five hundred medals so far. Obviously, prizes could not bring Pandora happiness. One day, a young man named John went to New York to do an errand. After the meetings, he decided to have a walk along the street alone. Suddenly, he saw that a car was going to knock down a girl. He ran towards her and pushed her away without hesitate. In front of him, the car stopped. In fact, the girl was Pandora. She was acting a depressed woman who wanted to kill herself in the street. All that John had seen was an arranged accident. John had disturbed their performance. His face got red at once. However, the brave “hero” had left a deep impression on Pandora. She smiled and left him her phone number. From then on, they contracted frequently. John gave Pandora a ring, or left a message. Sometimes, they went out to have a date. They got to know each other bit by bit. John had a wealthy family. His father dealt with business on the import and export of pandora jewelry. John, his sole son, would inherit the company when he retired. Pandora was a potential actress who would have a bright future in the field of film. If they got married, Pandora had to give up her career. Otherwise, the journalists would make up scandals on them. They had no choice, because they had fallen in love with each other deeply. They had kept the close relationship for three years. Every Pandora’s birthday, John would give her a surprise and sensation. He had sent her three pandora charms so far. However, in the forth year, what would he do? Everyone was too impatient to wait for the results. John went to the mountain to find natural gems. After a month, he succeeded. He hired a famous designer to design a robe for Pandora. As he required, some precious stones and pandora gold was studded on it. On the other hand, he asked the workers to carve the natural gems into pandora beads. Then he connected them with a chain. With the perfect designs, a pandora necklace took shape. On the party, many celebrities were present. Pandora was wearing the robe and the necklace. They shone brightly. Everyone was excited to see the beautiful princess. After the meal, John asked Pandora to dance. They had their first dance in the middle of the dancing pool. After the last circle, John stood in his knees suddenly, and took out a ring from his pocket. There was a big pandora crystal studded on it. It was the treasure that he found in the mountain. Pandora could not say anything except nodding. In the applause, they hugged and kissed. From then on, they had a happy life.
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