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although performance compared with slipped start

Posted Jan 04 2013 2:27am
patterson have more power. Parsons recently state and some instability, due to the shoulder old injury after attack, "GaoFu handsome" recently some tall foot Kevin Durant Shoes 2013 low one feet, state fluctuating. But in contrast, parsons position stable, although performance compared with slipped start, but is still an indispensable the second-leading scorer. In the game, parsons and patterson combination is played good results. Two people were cut down 15 points and 10 rebounds and 10 points and 10 rebounds, though not many, total score than James haddon one; But two people aggregate and rebounds but really not easy. PP combination of positive, let the rockets WanNianBan o the made in the game only robbed eight rebounds - this season, 32 games, have made 25 games are team rebounder, previously, the rockets team 2 (including two or more) players rebounds number more than made o the scene have arisen only three times.Parsons and patterson can play better effect also in reason. The two men attacking routines are about the same, parsons 67% of attack from the jump shot, 33% of the attack comes from inside, the breakthrough is more, nearly 28% attack Nike KD 5 DMV the basket, and very dependent on assists, his jump shot 80% from assists, insider attack also 60% from assists, including empty dunk cut by assists rate is at an astonishing 83%. Paterson has a 66% jump from attack by assists rate reaches as high as 91%, 34% of the attack inside, the assists rate reached 62%. The two men are highly dependent on his teammates support players, so for resources for is not intense, just need to see defender choice just. But morris is different, it has a 76% jump from attack, the proportion distinctness flank, parsons attack resources form the occupancy, and his assists rate by no patterson, parsons is so high, most of the time can be independent attack, so and morris partner, parsons fire it is difficult to reach the maximization release. Of course, this is not to morris is not suitable for Nike KD 5 Christmas rocket squad. Just as a young player, he sometimes seems partial alone. Although morris personal ability is more outstanding, future achievement very may be higher than patterson, but from the current frame to see, they need more capable dirty role players, so patterson perhaps will soon return to the lineup to and parsons partner; And three points more accurate, scoring efficiency higher morris, perhaps to the bench and carlos delfino hand in hand, is the most suitable for his arrangement. Beijing time on January 3,, Memphis successfully limits the Paul Pierce [micro bo], on the road against Celtic; The sun's 76 people back to back home. Here are the two games reviewed: Memphis (twenty - 9) used defense win. Mike - KangLi [micro bo] scored 23 points and nine assists, Rudy gay 19 points and 6 rebounds and five assists, and the celtics old will Tony Allen is divided into a season-high 15. Zach Randolph [micro bo] performance go, only 6 points and eight rebounds. Darrell - Arthur scored ten points. The celtics (14-17) fourth. Paul Pierce in presenting under, the second half just hit a ball, 17 points and Penny Hardaway Shoes seven rebounds, rajon rondo [micro bo] 11 points and 10 assists, and Kevin garnett [micro bo] 12 points and seven rebounds. Grizzly bear is one of the best defensive team this season, the celtics in front of them also accounts for less than cheap. Played nearly 3 minutes, the celtics just hit a ball, Memphis to 9-2 start. The celtics then find the feeling, snape's outburst outside shots in the first quarter, after that, they tend to 26-25. The celtics to 33-29 lead, then eight minutes to hit a ball. Arthur twice a 3-pointer, and Memphis launched 15-3 attack wave to 44-36 lead. At the end of the half, Memphis to fifty - 41 predominate. Memphis to strengthen the celtics "stickers" Pierce's defense, the third quarter just let him hit a ball, the fourth quarter, let him not in the ball. Pierce in the last eight shot only 1, lost in the first half of the power and prestige. Grizzlies get fast double-digit advantage, after three quarters in a 75-59 lead. The celtics last day slipping back in the game has four points 52 seconds, terry a 3-pointer, and to tie the game at 78-83. Since the celtics constantly foul, Memphis constantly free throws. The celtics in the four points fifty seconds scoreless, in the game in the final 1 minute, the Memphis grizzlies 91-80 open gap, the outcome lose suspense. 76 89 - the sun 95 the sun (12-21) end of six defeats. Luis scola [micro bo] scored 21 points and nine assists, goran krstajic Della [micro bo] twenty points 6 assists, MaErXin - gerben Tate 11 points and 14 rebounds, PJ - tucker 10 points 6 rebounds. Shannon brown substitutes, had 12 points. 76 people (-) there are six players in double. Zhu - holliday hit second career triple-double, contribute 16 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists and thaddeus young 14 points and 10 rebounds, evan - Turner [micro bo] 13 points, and walter Iraq - Allen 10 points,
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