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Album reviews Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, by Blink 182 cheap north face jacket br

Posted Oct 12 2012 6:57am
The Blink 182 album 'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket' was released in 2001, it was their fifth studio album and is classified 4x Platinum having sold more than 12 million copies worldwide since release. The album took just 2 months to record and in its first week of release sold in excess of 350 000 copies; more than any of their other five managed. It is their north face outlet second best selling album and is one that I personally am a massive fan of. As well as having an amusing title this album also comes complete with some brilliant Pop Punk anthems and is therefore one that I have played many a time over the years.
With song titles such as 'F*k a Dog', it's clear that Blink 182 don't take things too seriously on this album and as such the 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' album is a fun and exciting Pop Punk release. Blink 182 were one of the best bands in their genre and when they embarked upon their 'extended hiatus' in 2005 it was of course sad to hear, but at the same time in their 13 years together they did release a number of excellent albums which we must be grateful for. This album contains massive amounts of brilliant tracks, however there are a significant few that I really see as key to this release. Opening track 'Anthem Part Two' is one such example of these particularly appealing tracks and is one that I can listen to time and time again without ever tiring of. It opens the 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' album with such energy and enthusiasm, a brilliant launch pad for cheap north face jacket the album from which Blink 182 really excel as they make their way through this release. 'First Date', 'The Rock Show', and 'Stay Together For The Kids' were all hit singles from this album and I love each and every single one of them all for different reasons. 'First Date' and 'The Rock Show' are quite similar in that they are both fast and fun Pop Punk songs, however there is a greatly obvious difference between the two. Whilst 'First Date' features Tom DeLonge singing the lead vocals, 'The Rock Show' has Mark Hoppus in this role and therefore the sound produced in both is vastly different. I'm more a fan of the songs that Mark Hoppus sings with Blink 182 tracks, but Tom DeLonge has quite a good voice on him also and does at times pull north face jackets through with an impressive vocal performance. 'First Date' is most certainly one of those occasions and is in fact one of my favorite Blink 182 tracks in which Tom DeLonge sings. 'Stay Together For The Kids' is a track from this album that I love as it is the 



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