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A new photo of Apple iPhone 5S outflow

Posted May 28 2013 7:33am

On May 28, with the upcoming release of Apple next generation iPhone, associated rumors, but had not broken, today inside Foxconn has once again exposed the latest news about iPhone 5S. According to Foxconn's internal news show, Apple iPhone 5S screen border will become narrower. At present, the company began production of this preparation on the screen, September shipment.

In addition, there is news showed that it will have 1.5 million the number of pixels on the screen of the iPhone 5S, and would continue to use a 4-inch screen. Compare with the iPhone 5, iPhone screen resolution of 5S will be greatly enhanced.

In accordance with past habits of Apple products, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S design is basically the same, screen 4 inches screen ratio remained 16:9. If this is true, then Apple iPhone 5S screen resolution will up to 1630x920 pixels .

Apple's supply chain to the China Securities news reporters, Apple launched the "low end" iPhone 5S (provisional name) have turned to the probability of the event. These people said, Apple launched the iPhone in the second half of the 5S, the relatively low-end version will be powered by a sale at this "low-end" iPhone5S sells price estimated at around 3,000RMB. Touch screen of most concern in the industry standard, in-cell standard abandoned due to cost reasons, GF2 standards will be adopted for use in iPadMINI. For the sales of products, supply chains are more optimistic.

Rumors about the low-end iPhone 5S will be published. Serious test of the growth due to Apple's recent performance, together with the company is done on the iPad for the corresponding try this rumor more and more concern in the industry.

According to the supply chain sources, Apple released iPhone 5S in the second half has a relatively low order of products when introduced, namely market rumors is the cheaper version of the iPhone for a long time. Of course, cheap is just as opposed to iPhone, this model the price equivalent to 3,000 RMB, and Smartphones as a whole is still on the high end.


Analysts believe that Apple pricing reasons, in addition to cost, there are considerations based on iPhone's own brand value, if the pricing of the product less than 2,500 Yuan or even lower, adverse impact on brand value to the iPhone.

The Cabinet, low-end iPhone 5S plastic enclosure will be used. Due to material causes, iPhone only black and white two colors to choose from in the past, and this product due to the plastic casing, will make its colors significantly richer. The supply chain people said, multi-color low-end iPhone 5S strategy, not only targeted appeals, will also bring the whole new wave in Smartphone industry.

This year apart from Apple, and OGS in the industry (One glass solution) manufacturers also more stained glass in product research and development, more color will be a trend of smartphones this year.

IPhone5 uses the industry's most advanced in-cell technology for the preceding period, kept Apple's established high-end positioning, but yield issues also affect the distribution of iPhone5 early progress. It is learnt that, due to the continuing high costs so far, low-end iPhone 5S will abandon this standard, iPad MINI touch-screen standard used by the GF2.

Market participants believe that Apple's move would not only improve the iPhone in Smartphone market share, will also open two or three markets in China a huge market space. The supply chain people said the industry for this type of sale is reasonably bright.

Market cooperation, China Mobile will be "low end" iPhone 5S important driving force. It is learned that the "low end" iPhone 5S TD-SCDMA format will be supported, China Mobile will provide support the product promotion in China. Besides, if the size of iPhone 5S is the same with iPhone 5, so you can use the iPhone 5 cases to dress up your beloved iPhone 5S, just like use bling iPhone 4 cases to match up your iPhone 4S.

ITO Film supplies tight

Due to Taiwan's news that the GF2 is selected by Apple for ipad5 touch screen standards, there is no doubt that if low-end iPhone final 5S GF2 officially confirms that "low-end" iPhone 5S standard on the touch screen to select this year's supply of ITO Conductive Film had a huge impact.

GF2 more traditional touch-screen films one less layer of membrane structure, but film requires more high. For technical reasons, the vendors of these products are primarily for the Japan business. Recent Japan supply chain trends have indications, media reports, Japan leading East of ITO Conductive Film will continue expansion in the second half of this year, GUNZE also plans to invest 1 billion yen to redevelop transparent conductive film touch panel key material capacity.

Because of ITO Conductive indium tin oxide film raw material comes from the rare earth is subject to the supply of rare earths, Japan's production capacity has been tight, the early stage of ipadMINI orders and buoyant domestic demand in China has made Sun East production of ITO Conductive Film supplies chronically tight State.


In China except the Ou Feiguang and Vanson shares, to ITO Conductive Film production businesses, not many quality is difficult and the Japan match. In Apple's supply chain, driven by Japan prior to China's supply of ITO Conductive Film, a large part of this year will be transferred to Apple, this will adversely affect the touch panel industry in China. But Ou Feiguang and Vanson shares, ITO Conductive Film was in short supply, will be a positive impact. Guosen securities research report finds that Vanson shares as the first breakthrough in Japan monopoly producer of ITO thin films, will enjoy the "high growth" + "route alternative" + "import substitution" threefold good.

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