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A Moment of Clarity

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:50pm
I saw my dad today. I brought my two older boys with me. When I walked in to my dads room, he was laying on the bed just waking up from a nap. I said "Hi dad". He looked at me and his facial expression was like a little kid in a candy store. He looked at me with bright big eyes and he looked over at each boy, all of us back and forth with a bright look of excitement on his face. I have never seen him do that yet. Maybe the trick is to visit him right after he wakes up. Maybe the Alzheimer's is at it's best when he has just had a long nap.

I sat there for a moment staring in to his eyes as he started back and then I said "do you know who I am?" Shockingly, he said "of course".

Well, of course, that was only a moment of clarity and I won't get my hopes up. Just after we talked for a minute the nurse came in and sat my dad up to transfer him to his wheel chair, which is always a task. Anyway, he tried to strike her with his hand but he missed.

Oh, poor dad. That moment of happiness went right out the window! I understand this is typical for Alzheimer's, I was just hoping to hold on to his moment of clarity for just a little longer. Oh well.

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