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a mbt shoes clearance detailed study of the future real fighters 15 carrier machine

Posted Nov 28 2012 4:05am

On November 18,, the mbt shoes   first day, 7 a.m., LuoYang on liaoning ship. His ship shortly after the work, actively looking for some design personnel, especially aircraft test personnel, to understand the status of the plane. In the afternoon the plane returned, he said to the carrier each position of the sea pilot test results for comprehensive understanding. Familiar with the work of the ship as soon as possible.

After a few days, in the days of aircraft on the carrier, LuoYang schedules are in accordance with the provisions of the army of the arrangement. In addition to some normal work, in addition, he is main or in coordination of carrier aircraft carriers and coordination problems.

Followed by four days, LuoYang mainly in the research of carrier aircraft carrier follow-up work.

Catic industrial shenyang liming airline engine group chairman of the board MengJun said, LuoYang aircraft carriers in the last seven days, have 5 times came to the carrier in the engine room, a mbt shoes clearance detailed study of the future real fighters 15 carrier machine to the carrier after, maintenance, drag and so on various aspects of the practical problems. He was thinking about the future plan.

MengJun said: "LuoYang to aircraft carrier feelings is very delicate, exquisite."

The sixth day, 24, carrier machine successful test flight, LuoYang glad to talk with his wife, and said to the carrier machine successful test flight feel very gratified.

On the seventh day, 25 9:00 am, the successful completion of the task of flight carrier liaoning ship homing. Then, to participate in the mbt shoes sale  test mission staff from ship in succession. The crowd, LuoYang appear some pine. His smile, some tired. That is LuoYang for our final figure, from ship boarded the bus, he had a heart attack. Hospital on the way, he is going to that won't be possible, rescue more than three when I was a child, unfortunately in 25 from the world.

Catic industrial deputy general manager LiFangYong as early as 2002 and LuoYang work together, at that time he was ShenFei board chairman and general manager, LuoYang is ShenFei secretary of the party committee. "LuoYang body is very good, love sport, when young volleyball playing extremely well. He personality is very low-key, do not love make public, honest people, practical work, extremely rich sense of responsibility." LiFangYong recalled, engaged in aviation especially and national responsibility related carrier machine project, want to assume  the working pressure is the ordinary people can't imagine. LuoYang this disease hair may and long time of work overload and the working condition caused by physiological and psychological stress related. "From the plane project to design, the manufacture, the flight, LuoYang are involved. Look at myself r&d manufacturing plane first fly like to see their own children, full of love, looking forward to, and at the same time full of infinite worry, I believe that this is LuoYang was in the mood of the ship."

Shanghai huangpu district planning and land and resources bureau 27 announced huangpu block of the calibration results. It is notable that September this year Shanghai unit price for the huangpu river coast star of the commercial block, the Shanghai "electric investment co., LTD. To base price 2.05 billion yuan won, reduced floor price 28983 yuan/square meters, HuangPuXin is left on a piece of left, floor price compared with a 24.8% premium.

"This plot of office property, if built high-end real estate, unit price can reach 70000 yuan/square meters. Chinese real estate letter research director XueJianXiong said, in fact, before oct 2010 in Shanghai has set a floor price 52000 yuan/square meters of historical price record left, 36000 yuan/square meters of floor price just huangpu district of plate price highs. XueJianXiong think, land price innovation high will make part of the wait-and-see buyers market to speed up the steps.

China's real estate decision-making consultation LiYing researcher said that the future is expected to more than a month, the Shanghai land supply will remain in blowout stage. For the local government is concerned, is currently push good opportunity, ChengJiaoLv can compare high, should be through a lot of pushing to speed up the complete for plan, improve the land transfer income. For room enterprise is concerned, there is no lack of the plot of high quality block, capital position better enterprises should grasp the opportunity to make moves out of the game.

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