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A gentleman's ray response about shooting down with chim emperor fun to ride a bicycle

Posted Mar 01 2013 3:21am
Miami outside important throw grenades Allen recent shooting and is not very stable, but even so, Miami the generals or when accepting a reporter to interview standing in a gentleman's thunder here. Kobe 8 Shoes On the other hand, Allen has revealed he had and lebron James riding a bicycle, several times, and tells the story of a period of two people after the story of the car. Data showed that ray Allen so far this season is averaging 11.0 points and 2.9 rebounds and 1.7 assists in an account, the three items data are hit a new low personal career; There are 42.7% of the 3-point percentage is low for the last three years. In fact in recent 3 months, ray Allen from three-point are below 41%. 37 ray Allen really old? This ray Allen replied, "when I 31 years old, many people will say so; when I am 34 years old, and some people say that a. In this league play, once you more than 30 years, someone will say so, say you has been DianFengQi. For me, it didn't have any effect, because the fact is increase with age, my game experience is also on the rise. About ray Allen shooting is not stable, Miami superstar lebron James said: "we don't want to know the reason, ray (Allen) never worry about. When he stood on the court, the opponent is a huge threat. Mine is the continuous miss 99 times before shooting, but the most critical hit 100 ball player." One of the big three Chris bosh, said: "ray is a phenomenal player, his present physical condition and play a lot of way than 27 players also good." Kobe 8 Christmas In addition, Miami coach spor Stella said: "about this, I didn't and ray communication, I think it is just temporary." Ray Allen state has ups and downs, but an indisputable fact is that he is the most diligent league players! Ray Allen has strong self-discipline, it also ensure that he became the most in NBA history terrorist outside killers. Ray Allen hobby is a bicycle, bicycle he keep training has been for many years. 2010 when a gentleman's ray or the celtics a clerk, he is spending 10000 dollars to buy a new custom-made ultra light bike. It is reported, this bike is completely high-tech products, car doesn't have a single line, but also through the equipment and handle detection ray Allen physical condition. Ray Allen said in his Miami after, he and James had several times with the experience of riding a bicycle. A gentleman's ray also tells the story of a period of two people chase cars story, "one time, I and lebron and his management team with a guy from his home to ride a bicycle on American airlines center training," Allen said, "on the road have three ride a bike more than us, I was to lebron said, 'we can't be transcended", so we will put the management team that guy behind, accelerated after the 3 people, it's really very interesting." In fact even James admits, ray Allen is a better cyclist.LinShuHao jumper stability is like a roller coaster up and down as fiercely, this greatly affect the overall performance of the season. Kobe 8 Christmas For Sale The league has 29 of the point guard is averaging 30 minutes on time, and in the point guard, LinShuHao conference efficiency value with only 14.7 ranked 27th. But American media experts Ryan rhode lance base points out, as long as LinShuHao practice jumpers, he is expected to become the NBA evergreen tree. On February 21 game against thunder, Lin hao and book made 12, scored 29 points, and in a few days later, he against the wizards nine shots only 2, only get 5 points, the fierce fluctuates up and down is obvious. In turn from the knicks for the rockets, everyone think he granted will become the star point guard, not "mean Sir". And LinShuHao this season, averaging 12.7 points and 6.2 assists 3.4 rebounds 1.9 steals, very regular data, although as last season, but were generally acceptable. This data is not worth people worry, but on the other hand, LinShuHao shooting is not good, only 43%, the three-pointer 32%, this is his only 14.7 PER efficiency value of the key reasons, his presence are playing time more than 30 minutes pg only 27 ranking, who is also the third from bottom, than his low only piston brandon - knight and timberwolves Luke - LiDeNuo. Cheap Kobe 7 According to the data statistics web site, LinShuHao under the basket shooting is very good, was achieved 62.7%, but he cosco distance jumper is horrible, three points line to the basket 9 feet shooting 32.6%, 10-15 feet shooting 33.3%, 16-23 feet shot 38%. Therefore, LinShuHao take good practice the basket 15 feet to three points line this distance jumper, also including the 3 point line. Of course, LinShuHao in rocket performance or adequately, especially in the ball like occupy the right of James haddon side, LinShuHao often can still show aggressive, it is not easy. In addition, LinShuHao defense in the point guard are excellent, according to his steals and blocks data to judgment, his defense can present all playing time more than 30 minutes in the fourth point guard. If LinShuHao to become the stable big kill apparatus, he will have to practice his jump shot, because now opponents have been targeted against him, he restricted in some area pushed him jump shot, if LinShuHao has been the iron is hot, apparently a rocket damage. In this stage of his career, we also it is difficult to evaluate the value of LinShuHao, but one thing is for sure, as long as he can become a stable jump pitcher, then he will be in the NBA for a long-term.
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