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A Comprehensive Study on Apple iPad Mini

Posted Oct 22 2012 9:13am

October 22 Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, on September 12, Apple officially released iPhone 5 Smartphone, just a few weeks later, Apple also announced that the company is going to a mysterious product.

According to the invitation issued by Apple, the company will be held on October 23 on Tuesday about the "little more thing" of new releases, here is iPad mini.

At present, the rumors about the smaller iPad tablet computer have been passed for a long time. No doubt, Apple has launched iPad, which is designed to take a place in the competitive 7-inch Tablet PCs market, officially to beat with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, David Barno Nook HD and compete Google Nexus 7.

According to the latest Pew data shows that at present, the Apple tablet computer in the United States severe decline in market share in the region, 81% in 2011 fell 52%in 2012. At present, the Android Tablet market share is 48%, which Kindle Fire share a 21%. In smaller, cheaper Android tablets become increasingly popular today, Apple has no choice, can only launch the iPad mini to war. IPad mini's imminent release came as the author summarizes the top ten most anticipated for us iPad mini features and rumors:

Retina display

At present, the retina display devices have become commonplace at Apple, iPhone 4/4S/5, fifth-generation iPod touch, high-end version of the 15-inch MacBook Pro and iPad comes with retina display of the third generation. Rumors said that in the iPad mini launch, Apple will release a configuration of the retina display 13-inch Macbook Pro.

However, iPad mini screen resolution is likely consistent with the first generation and second generation iPad, 1024 x 768, below the third-generation iPad 2048 x 1536.

LTE options

4G LTE network features for the iPad mini can be distinguished from the other 7-inch Tablet clearly, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 and bar noble Nook HD, which only supports the Wi-Fi network. At present, third-generation iPad can support LTE network, iPad mini therefore provides support that is no surprise.

Great battery life

It can be said that the new iPad's battery life is very impressive, when battery capacity increased to 42.5, far exceeding the iPad 2 25 WHr battery, which can be up to 10 hours of battery life (the new features of the new iPad power-intensive).

Google Nexus 7 battery life of 9-10 hours, and 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD commitment for up to 11 hours of battery life, so in order to remain competitive, a good battery is essential for the iPad mini.

Slip case

IPad smooth glass surface aluminium casing and gloss, of course, left a deep impression on us, but iPad casing is too smooth that is not a good thing, especially for those users that hands clumsy. I think that Apple will launch all kinds of ipad cases to solve this problem, as like iphone, best iphone 5 cases and cute iphone cases.

While Google and its manufacturer partners ASUS for the Nexus 7 came up with a very good solution, easy to hold the rear panel of the texture. However, Apple has been made of metal and glass shell, so is unlikely to be used in iPad mini shell plastic material. However, we hope that the iPad mini shell design, more ergonomic, more suitable for hand-grip.

Dual speakers

IPad speakers on the left side 30-pin connector port of the cradle, only one. However, in order to maintain competitiveness in the market, iPad mini should be like the Nook and Kindle Fire HD 7 inch HD line using a pair of stereo speakers.

Light weight in most products of similar products

7 inch Tablet PC products in the market are very light, such as Nook HD weight 11.1 oz (315 g), Google Nexus 7 weighing 12 ounces (340 grams), Kindle Fire HD weighs 13.9 oz (394 g). If the iPad mini is 7.85 inch display, then its weight is likely to be higher than their competitors, but we look forward to the weight of the iPad mini, which is the lightest in its class, can Apple do like that?

Competitive prices

So far, Apple is not interested in the low-end market, which for years maintained high quality brand strategy proved to be successful. However, the 7-inch tablet computer market the situation is different, iPad mini competitor pricing is quite low. Therefore, in order to remain competitive, Apple should carefully determine the pricing of iPad mini.

Storage space options

A rumour said that, in order to implement low-cost strategy, iPad Mini storage space is reduced to 8GB, although it is very possible, for wealthy customers but that did not prevent Apple launched the iPad Mini 16GB, 32GB or even 64GB.

Processor specifications

Considered by many rumors, from cost-saving considerations, iPad Mini and iPad 2 A5 processor, rather than and iPhone 5 A6.

Foldable Tablet

At present, there is no indication that Apple will introduce a foldable iPad mini, but this does not prevent us to imagine.

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