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A comprehensive analysis of the future of Apple

Posted Sep 25 2012 7:26am

The dogged relentlessness to Samsung from Apple, can only give people an impression, he is afraid of Samsung. To be exact that Apple is afraid of all forces that can challenge their business models and products. Apple's State of mind at this point is like a dictator, draw one ' s sword look around, do not hesitate to suppress all challenger to the courage to begin to crop up. Apple had earlier filmed commercials of 1984, but now Apple is just like the commercials were smashing big brother.

Before 1997, Apple is different from now, after Steve broken revolution and abolished the board of director, Apple won the new reign in consumer electronics, lead the trend of the new era, the industry revolution. Well, praise to Apple so far, since Apple is living on capital. After any an empire built up, it is invariably to hold barriers, lack of introspection and innovation dynamics, cannot see what Apple will have exceptions. Since iPhone4 was released, Apple had begun spending a dozen years before Steve Jobs had accumulated assets, this is bound to happen.

We can't say now iPhone5 performance is not better than on previous generations of smartphones, as it cannot be said that selling iPhone4S is much smaller sales than the first iPhone. The core problem that is facing the future for Apple, can be summed up in a textbook of Marxist philosophy in the word, namely, growing material and cultural needs of the people with the contradictions between the backward social production. Now Apple has become increasingly unable to meet audience expectations, after a mediocre NewiPad and iPhone4S, also a lot of jump statements thrown out praise of reality, and after the release of the iPhone5, the performance is more powerful, similar praise has a lot less. This is a warning sign.

Apple iPhone5 undoubtedly will still be sold, will also record the highest sales in the history record, before these victories is more valuable than before, because Apple is living on capital and want not to make revolutionary. Many fans sought after, the industrial chain of associated interests, developers look forward, now that Apple even released a super mediocre machine, also hit a sales record, which is no way things. When Jobs was starting a startup, made one, screwed up one, and then made one, then screwed one, which this phenomenon does not occur, because Apple has become synonymous with innovation and revolution. People don't realize when the revolution comes, the real revolution has quietly begun, just like the release of iPhone and iPad; when you look forward to the revolution, access is often disappointing, for example, iPhone4S and the iPhone5 were published. However, Apple iPhone has big effect on the smart-phone market, Apple iPhone also has drive peripheral industry, many manufacturers have made many kinds of iphone accessories, such as iphone dustproof plugs, iphone case, iphone holders, iphone skins, iphone power packs and so on.

However, the era of the characteristics of the times, are not necessarily better than before, but certainly more correctly than before. You can count the funds of Apple, see also can eat for years. Technology lead is supporting a core engine for Apple, but now the situation is facing change. Nokia can wirelessly charge mobile phones, Samsung used the induction of human-machine interaction technology on a handheld device. In terms of operating systems, Android has published four years ahead in the market share, while the more anticipated Windows8 hasn't started. These are Apple facing a real crisis in the coming years.

A high market share, profit margins as high as companies, whether there is innovation power? This is the eternal topic of technology. The reality is, a group of capitalists led by only an idealist, to constantly advance triumphantly. Now, idealist Steve jobs has died, leaving a group of capitalists of the impulse that is full of interest, the future of Apple, it is hard to say.

More important is that Apple now has become more arrogant, more and more aggressive. The provisions of the King of Apple, had contempt for consumers to its limits, there is no way, the plenty of people are rushing to pray on slavery. Screen size changed, appstore developers only have to pay the cost for this phone have billions of people choose to suffer in silence. Data cable for the whole small industries will have to follow the data cable, consumers had to pay hundreds of dollars each to replace the existing annex. With Samsung's litigation lawsuits around the world, seemed endless, more formidable competitor Google not outcrop. With their crappy map replaced easy to use Google maps, YouTube application out of the store, Apple's little "Flash in the Pan", and as such to combat rivals and ignoring the user experience thing. Apple's culture is to instill, depending on the user as worthless, once to maximize this culture, what will be the effect, even Steve Jobs can't predict anything.

Lack of innovation dynamics, arrogant and aggressive, when a company is on the road to the development of time, the future is very delicate. Consumer can bear with a company, often do not use it as the company's added value to the consumer, and tolerance have to recognize this reality, essentially eroding their laboriously. Apple funds is thick, can also eat a few years, but also when there is always eating.

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