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6 years the couple left the twins sisters won the Dutch act on community support.txt

Posted Mar 28 2012 3:38am
Relatives: learning from independent schools: funding two people to the high school the day before Beats Headphones yesterday afternoon, the educational children's Research Institute principal Xu and Mao came to two siblings home condolences to them and several relatives. Principal Xu is also presented, they are currently and Lok Primary School a joint education class, because the primary school is a boarding, can share part of the stress relative to take care of the children, can also let the children go to school in the new environment. Research Institute to aid the two siblings have been read high school.Two siblings uncle said, some of their relatives and the small Jie Xiao Di two people on Monday will be to a new school on environment, "eventually to transfer or look at their own two decision, if go to boarding school, later on by several relatives take turns to take care of them. "Yesterday afternoon, Guangdong Cross Blue service team to as guardian aunt sent 3000 yuan condolatory gold.Social work: in the psychological counseling Xie said, from the day before yesterday, there were 2 social workers start with small Jie Xiao Di one-on-one contact, as they are psychological guidance. Initially, due to the social workers also feel strange, two words is not much.But after a social worker effort, two siblings in yesterday has begun to accept social counseling, "they began to share their thoughts and social workers, social workers to say it is a good start. "Xie in two siblings conditions improve, was very pleased.As the social worker and not 24 hours of personal counseling, they also specially explained her aunt a, if not the social workers should pay attention to the problem. "The main thing is not to let them feel alone, let them know they are not abandoned, there are still people who love their."Xie said.A farewell ceremony, siblings constantly ask why yesterday afternoon, relatives of several people in funeral home for old couple simply held a farewell ceremony. Xie said, the elder sister younger brother two people to see the parents remains, constantly ask people around, "Mom and Dad, why are there?How do they?"As a cousin of Beats by Dr. Dre Solo Xie told them: "father and mother to a distant place, will not come back, but they are not without you, we will have for them to take care of you. "In the farewell, Dicky that parents will not come back again later, sad to cry.As for the small Jie, was constantly asking why."I may be small did not accept our explanation of it, she is usually compared to get to the root of things. "In two children's psychological counseling social worker said, even children to school, they will always follow the child's mental status, allowing them to Beats by Dr.Dre Studio a smooth transition to the new environment, to meet their new start. Donation Guangdong 50000 funded twins to promote Beats by Dr.Dre Pro the welfare lottery "help the old, the disabled, put out a solitary, poor" the purpose of the issuance, to help the poor Miss brother survive, grow up healthily, Guangdong Provincial Welfare Lottery Distribution Center is determined from the working funds allocated 50000 yuan, on the "twins" siblings were funding. It is understood, yesterday afternoon, Guangdong Provincial Welfare Lottery Distribution Center have also been linked with the twins and children's family, will today will grant a one-time delivery to their children, for the twins, the tuition and living expenses.
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