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20 in a row

Posted Mar 15 2013 9:48am
Washington, March 13 (xinhua) the defending champion Miami heat 13 in away survived the fierce attack of the Philadelphia 76 ers, thanks to the team in the final minute of the performance with a 98-94 victory over the opponent, took out the amazing 20 straight wins. In previous had three teams in NBA history within a season won more than 20 games straight: 1971-1972 season 33 straight of the Los Angeles lakers, 2007-2008 season, the Houston rockets 22-game win streak, 1970-1971 Milwaukee bucks won 20 straight. Adidas Basketball Shoes Miami after winning the victory became the fourth the achievements of team. James had a game-high 27 points, seven rebounds and eight assists, and wade 21 points. "20 straight wins is very special for us." Wade said after the game, "but you can't be smug, you will continue to work hard to win the next game."Yesterday, the lakers to suffer again. Them not only on the road to a 92 94 loss to Atlanta, the end of the four wins in a row, but also lost a general - kobe Bryant was Jones "blackfoot" attack, leading to serious ankle sprain. This means that the lakers just turn to back on track, as the playoffs critical moment, and will face a team the first reckoning Bryant's absence. Bryant's absence for the lakers is difficult to measure the impact of. Cheap Adidas Shoes Bryant restart scoring mode, boom under 31 points, in the third quarter of play crazy "Peter pan" is the single section on 20 points. Unexpected scene happened, however, that kobe Bryant in the final moments of zero Angle cic to 92, 94, trailing the lakers to have lost the equaliser, directly led to the defeat, also it is in the attack, kobe Bryant's left foot stepping on each other's defensive player of the Jones on the right foot, leading to serious ankle sprain. Injury situation is unknown. And disappointment for kobe, the referee didn't blow off a foul. "I'd rather think like this, Jones that didn't mean to, but as a referee, has the responsibility to protect the security of the striker's body. The dangerous action, should be a foul." After Bryant said testily. To this, Adidas Shoes Tennis the Jones in his twitter retort: "the ball is an offensive foul Bryant, the NBA would like to change their rules, two years ago to shut up!" Bryant fans are the idea to "pick" on twitter, the xia nu, replied: "he (Jones) you want to do, have half a brain can understand this, I just don't want such a thing to happen with the other players." Bryant and Jones would have it. The western conference finals in 2009, the lakers and nuggets of war, Jones was on the defensive in an obvious cheval-de-frise down kobe, Adidas Shoes On Sale coincidentally, the collision and legs. If like Jones, now estimated also think that it is Bryant an offensive foul. , Bryant underwent ankle after the game the X-ray, but bone that's ok, but belong to severe sprain, this is his most serious since 2000, sprains, may be in truce phase indefinitely. And the calf injury need further evaluation.
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