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2 years old boy lost 14 hours to spend the night alone faithful dog buchibuqi guardian

Posted Nov 12 2012 6:51am

Australia a 2 year old boy lost 14 hours, when rescuers in four kilometers away from home the  Cheap Beats By Dre  bushes to find him, and found that the family had a pet dog always in the name of the boy side, keep close to.

According to the report, the 2 years old boy BaiLi (Dante Berry) lost at home outside the door, when the rescue workers in more than 4 kilometers bush found the boy, they found a German shepherd dog "of snow" (Dasher) with in a small master's side.

According to the report, the boy mother is found in the evening BaiLi and pet dog "of snow" disappeared. Later, more than 100 police and volunteers through the bushes, along the boy and the dog dog footprint search.

After 14 hours after the search, BaiLi finally in the second day morning 10 with mother reunion. Rescue workers HanNa (Will Hanna) said: "get lost and experience the night, you can imagine BaiLi small heart in this period has experienced what, fortunately has his pet dog with, to give him warmth."

BaiLi family issued a statement that said, to express my gratitude to rescue workers, also be very delighted faithful dog dog in the side. "We are very happy they all well, but that the faithful" da "in the snow with baby side, we have not surprised."

The United States  Cheap Beats By Dre  central intelligence agency (CIA) director general David petraeus for adultery exposure and dim to resign, the storm caused by "small three" - general David petraeus, biographer of broken deville repeatedly through the email as intimidation and another name and general David petraeus relations close woman. The name was harassment "small four" identity exposure, it is a 37-year-old military liaison officer.

Senior American military officials say was cloth "small three" roeder will threat the woman is 37 years old Jill, kelly, she lived in Tampa, Florida, as the U.S. state department and the united special operations command liaison officer, and general David petraeus friendship does not poor.

Kelly has issued a statement, recognition and closely related to general David petraeus. She says she and her family has a general David petraeus and keep the five years of friendship. "We respect for him and his family's privacy, also hope that the other side can we consider."

Petraeus said a close friend, kelly and between general David petraeus is pure friendship, no other relationships.

Earlier reports  beats by dre cheap  had not revealed that threatened the woman identity, but said by email people very afraid, so in a few months prior to the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) seek protection and tracing. The information in the FBI finally lead to broken deville and general David petraeus relationship exposure.

Government officials say, broken deville send email content including "I know what you do", "get out" and "from my man far point" and so on words.

Law enforcement officials say, the investigators about two weeks ago and general David petraeus about. Media reports quote law enforcement personnel so pointed out that, the FBI conclusion is that the case will not have criminal litigation.

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