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13, 16, at seconds, in Cheap Beats By Dre about 7 million km far from earth

Posted Dec 15 2012 3:19am

13, 16, at seconds, in Cheap Beats By Dre about 7 million km far from earth, the deep space, an engraving of the "Chinese lunar probe," the words of the goddess of the moon 2 satellite success over to Celtic mythology "god of war" diagram tower di named asteroids.

Reporters 15 from China's national defense science and industry bureau learned that: the number two is now seeking further deep space flight, January is expected to exceed 10 million km.

"Charng-er" will "god of war" cheap dr dre beats in one thousand, and time. The vast deep space in the beautiful "by", recently apart 3.2 kilometers. In the 10.73 km/SEC relative speed, "charng-er" don't forget to use bright eyes - load camera leave "god of war" figure.

To meet for an instant, the significance of forever. The goddess of the 2 "high visit" is the first time visitors to "god of war" close range detection. China moved forward, the us and Europe was only members of the asteroid detection "club".

Experts say, goddess of the moon over 2 asteroid to develop test success implementation marks China's have into interplanetary detector; Broke through 10 million kilometers orbit design and control technology; The optical Cheap Beats By Dre orbit determination, has formed a Chinese characteristic diagram tower di asteroids orbit; The satellite flight to new built in kashi 35 meters and kiamusze 66 meters two deep idle stage, as well as Shanghai 65 meters VLBI (very long term radio interference measurement) stand for calibration test, practical test the Chinese deep space measurement and control, astronomical observation level and ability, for the future of deep space detection, especially the asteroid detection laid a foundation.

Originally from 6 months to run the design life now 26 months, the number two has extended service after nearly two years. Scientific planning, zero window emission, accurate measurement and control, the innovation of the orbit design, maximum limit save fuel, ensure "charng-er" expedition trip abundant energy.

From the distance of 380000 kilometers of the lunar probe, to 1.5 million kilometers, the Lagrange L2 point development test, and then to 7 million kilometers over the asteroid's to develop test... Engineering general designer WuWeiRen for the goddess of the moon 2 three "feat", as he sees them.

China since ancient times have chang e beautiful legend. The development of deep space detection technology, peaceful development and utilization of space is the Chinese people's unswerving pursuit. The goddess of the 2 flight and exploration, and constantly refresh the Chinese moon and deep space detection, a new record.

On October 1, 2010 since the successful launch, the goddess of the no.2 created the space field many "first" : the first seven meters for the resolution of all the moon stereo images; For the first time realized from the moon's orbit, starting to fly to the Lagrange L2 point for scientific detection; First realize the diagram tower di asteroid close detection.

"The number two is the goddess of the moon one backup star. Because a goddess of the moon, the successful completion of the" lunar 'task, goddess of the moon by 2 "substitute" Cinderella "pioneer", cheap beats"to take on fall months' - for the first time in China's spacecraft celestial bodies to a soft landing task chang 3 units." China's lunar probe program first commander in chief of LuanEnJie said.

Earlier this year, national defense science and industry bureau released the no.2 lunar probe gain of 7 m resolution, 100% will cover the whole image, the moon than the number the monthly chart 120 meters of resolution to improve the 17 times. Earlier, the number two has won the resolution is better than 1.3 meters of the goddess of the moon, the moon landing area three primary rainbow bay image.

Although China in recent years, in the moon and deep space detection field for breakthroughs, Chinese scientists prudence believe that China's lunar level is still in the world "the second echelon".

China's lunar probe project chief scientist OuYangZiYuan academician said: "I am in favor of LuanEnJie academician opinion, lunar like marathon, finally will generate several echelon. Now the first echelon is the United States and Russia; the second echelon including China, Europe, Japan, India, Indonesia, etc.

China's lunar probe experts say, the moon and the deep space detection both fierce competition, need more good cooperation. United Nations, give full play to their respective advantages, common for human seek happiness, this is the common duty of scientists all over the world.

At present, the goddess of the moon 3 satellite ZhengYang development goes well, the second half of next year the emission.

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