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Hey guys! Alycia here from - the blog that revolves around my fit happenings and fresh eats! I enjoy running, working out, healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) cooking and traveling. I'm always on the go or trying to find something new and exciting to do, so I hope you all enjoy... Full Bio
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fatal error.

The bloggie and I are now recovering from a nasty fatal error. Initiate: Sleep Mode. Catch ya in the morning loves

who’s celebrating?

Happy National Recreation and Sports Fitness Day! There’s just a day for everything, isn’t there? My campus is holding a ton of...

training day.

Dude being car-less blows. Officially. I got the documentation in the mail today. Hopefully I’ll find out by tonight if my little honda can be...

detox sunday.

I’m just now realizing that every Sunday is like an unofficial detox day for me. I like to get rid of all the toxins I pump into my body on...

I gotta have it.

Hey guys! Hope you’re all about to go out and have some *fun* tonight! I myself am getting ready for a fiesta of a night – mexican food and...

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Okay I just got way too excited by an email that said, "Someone wrote on your Whiteboard!" I didn't know I had a whiteboard...

Thanks for the strength training encouragement, though! It might be a small goal, but it's a start! How's marathon training going? Are you running a whole or a half?