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Aug 15 2011 by Jeff K.
No worries at all! Thanks for answering! I figured with your experience you might be able to shed light on it. I know it's a difficult time for both the parents and the baby, just wanted to see if you could help them out. Hope all is well!
Aug 09 2011 by Jeff K.
Hey, do you think you can give some insight to help this newborn?
Jul 24 2011 by Ken P.
Many thx for your detailed response.  On the second occasion I went to ICU  by ambulance after a 000 call.  They did every test in the book,  but unfortunately /or fortunately  no cause was established. I quit driving from the time of stroke and take the following medication as prescribed:- Aspirin for blood thining, Lipitor and Somac and Dilantin as a precautionary for epilepsy althoung not diagnosed with the latter. 've not since [ICU]  seen my GP. My very best regards and thanks, Ken.  
Jun 03 2011 by Jeff K.
You're awesome and very much appreciated!