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Health Maven's Answer
Unfortunately, you didn't offer enough information for me to find you a more definitive... more
Feb 12 2012 8:19pm
We don't define someone as post-menopausal until she has gone without a period for 12... more
Feb 12 2012 8:00pm
Feb 08 2012 2:32am
Health risks associated with a murmur depend upon the reason for the murmur.  Some are... more
Feb 12 2012 7:51pm
Oftentimes, the risk of complications outweighs the benefits of surgery.  This is... more
Feb 12 2012 7:40pm
Inadequate blood flow & nerve damage can cause your pain in the extremities.  The former... more
Feb 05 2012 11:36pm
Nerve compression/damage such as carpal tunnel syndrome could explain your loss of... more
Feb 05 2012 11:30pm
Jan 23 2012 4:47am
You're absolutely correct.  You might be pregnant or it just might be your next... more
Feb 05 2012 11:18pm
What's your question?  Your Hct (hematocrit) & Hgb (hemoglobin), two measures of how... more
Feb 05 2012 11:09pm
Any redness?  Swelling?  Fever?  Perhaps the wound was infected?  Best to go see the... more
Feb 05 2012 7:28am
No painful urination, no frequent urination, no back pain.  Doesn't sound like a stone... more
Feb 05 2012 7:26am